de la Mancha - dirtbox v2.0 (Pc/Free)

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dirtbox is a parallel compressor / distortion effect for adding filthy fatness to your sounds, especially drums. It features;
- added bouncy fatness by mixing the dry uncompressed signal and the wet compressed signal
- 4 flavours of gritty crunchy dirrrtyness, made to an old family recipe

compressor controls
Threshold & Gain are in dB, attack & release are in ms, ratio is x:1

oomph adds the dry signal onto the wet, to get that NY parallel compression sounds
you can turn the compressor on/off with the button to the left of the compressor window

dirt controls
you can turn each dirtifier on/off with the button to the left of the knob
- crush reduces bit rate and sample rate as you increase the knob setting
- distortion and drive are self limiting, as you increase the setting, the volume is roughly maintained
- ring modulation can be added using any of the 4 waveforms, sine, saw, triangle or square

the mix control is for the dirt section only, and controls the wet/dry level of those effects selected

midi learn
all knobs and buttons have midi CC support and midi learn
- press the 'learn' button
- clock symbol will show
- tweak a GUI control
- tweak your midi controller knob/slider/button/whatever
- clock symbol will go out
- controller will now move the GUI control

- press 'reset' button to remove all learned controls

update history
2.0 adds crush, distort, drive and ring mod controls, improved parallel compression control, midi learn and new GUI
1.0 released