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* Audio Units problem with PowerPCs fixed.
* 50 new presets added.

Additive Virtual Synthesizer for Windows and Mac OSX.

Ever wanted to synthesize a sound but found it was impossible? With Morphine, no sound is too painful to recreate. Morphine is a powerful Additive Synthesizer with a logical, flexible architecture that allows you to create any sound. You can do this directly by adjusting harmonics manually or by taking any input sample and resynthesizing it into one of 4 independent voices.

A Small Revolution

Additive Synthesis has been considered one of the most desirable ways to emulate real instruments or to create new sounds. However, Additive Synthesis has proved both technically and conceptually difficult to implement, requiring expensive computational algorithms and hardware.

Morphine changes everything!

Morphine introduces a minor revolution to the world of Additive Synthesis. With low CPU usage algorithms that retain a warm sound without sacrificing articulation accuracy, and a flexible architecture, Morphine moves instantly to the top of its class.

Inside Morphine

So what makes Morphine a revolution? We’ll tell you.

Morphine’s 128 harmonic oscillator engine is fully optimized for producing a high quality, warm sound, with ground shaking bass and crystal clear high frequencies. Based on complex, full 32 bit mathematics, with no internal sampling to avoid interpolation noises so Morphine retains that 'analog' quality. Read more.


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    ground shaking bass and crystal clear high frequencies - lol. Gotta try that. No price tag though. Anyhu - pretty easy to find out on my lazy own. Thanks.

  2. If you click the "Read More" link you will found a price tag :)
    Thanks for your comment.


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