Native Instruments - Absynth v4.0.2

The Absynth 4.0.2 update is now available.

What's New?


Morph wave edits are being reset when making more than one morph wave

Crash dragging breakpoint of envelope below GUI

Crash loading wave in the wave editor

Shift-scrolling doesn't redraw envelopes

Volume edit in filter section broken

Transpose issue of OSC

Wrong resolution on Envelope/LFO value knobs

Change of tuning cannot be cancelled

Alt+F4 doesn't close app

Can't select params... with LFO morph waves

Crashes when using expand to rhythm

Switching between presets with trigger set to audio sends note on

CPU peak on "audio engine start"

Expand to rhythm not working right

Envelope controllers, when not assigned to BP's, still effect position

Macro assignments to Mod (slot 2) morph wave not working

Cubase 4 stereo loader; bounce not 1:1

Top Features

* Award-winning semi-modular synthesizer offering an unprecedented range of sonic possibilities
* Innovative and unique combination of multiple synthesis and sampling techniques
* Greatly improved user-interface and enhanced workflow
* KoreSound™ Browser for easy searchinh of 1,200 KORE-configured presets
* ABSYNTH 4 uses the KoreSound™ format, macro controls automatically map onto KORE control elements
* Wave morphing feature and powerful effects greatly extend ABSYNTH 4's sonic range
* New master ADSR section and 16 freely-assignable macro controls for quick and easy control of the sound
* Flexible 68-breakpoint envelopes with templates and envelope step sequencer
* Sophisticated surround sound function per channel
* Live stereo input for each channel and new audio modulator section allow ABSYNTH to be used as a fully-featured effect unit
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