Native Instruments - Kontakt v2.2.3

Kontakt 2.2.3 Released
NI have just released a new version of Kontakt, version 2.2.3. Fixes include:

LOAD: Loading time has been improved when pre-listening KSDs with the same samples in Kore
IMPORT: Countless import bug fixes with emphasis on EXS, Gigastudio, Reason, Akai, and Emu.
BROWSER: When merging multis, none of the instrument insert effects are loaded
CRASH: K2 crashes Logic: loading old song with Player content
EXPORT: Samples corrupts when saving / overwriting
GROUPING: if two groups share the same keyswitch, only one of them gets activated
HOST: Saving K2 preset with Player content crashes Logic
MODULATION: flex envelope causing envelope drop-out
PERFORMANCE: loading Player content consumes much memory
RACK: CC automation on AUX sends is not recalled correctly
SCRIPT: Crash on reload instrument with too large a script
SCRIPT: Kontakt 2 crashes with more than one performance view
SCRIPT: Kontakt crashes when Script is edited
SCRIPT: make_perfview command causes crash on Mac/PC
SCRIPT: NKI script causes wrong characters in knob values control
SLICING: Beat Machine Stutters During Playback

KONTAKT 2 embodies the future of sampling. No other software or hardware sampler offers such a comprehensive set of features, so much flexibility and performance or such a high degree of compatibility. From authentic library playback of virtually any format to the intuitive creation of new instruments, from profound sound design to lively and dynamic surround sound mixes - KONTAKT 2 opens the doors to creativity.

Top Features

* 192 KHz, 32-bit sample engine with 64 fold multi-timbrality and unlimited voices
* Sample library with more than 15 GB
* Brand-new, intuitive user-interface offering dozens of innovative features
* Advanced surround sound features allowing up to 16 channel mix-downs
* KONTAKT Script Processor for profound engine and feature customization
* Convolution effect adds real-life reverb characteristics or special effects to the sound
* 6 different sample modes: Classic, DFD, Tone, Time I and II as well as Beat Machine
* Detailed browser functionality affording a concise overview of essential information
* Universal Import ensures compatibility with virtually every sample and library format
* Vast selection of effects, filters and modulators. Convenient Group, Mapping and Loop editors for easy use of zones and slicing loops

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