Sugar Bytes - Artillery 2

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Sugar Bytes´ FX Flagship Artillery enters round 2.
Now ready for IntelMac, PPC and Windows.
Still Effects are handled via midi notes and now it comes with a lot of new features. Now there are 28 Effects included, containing innovative algorithms like Step Looper, Reverser, a Turntable Effect for braking and accelerating you audio signal, a Karaoke Effect or the keyboard-playable Tonal Resonator.

Artillery 2 will be released on July 20 2007.

The Effect Keyboard.

Artillery is a multi effect, which combines high quality FX algorithms with a unique and innovative concept: Effects can be assigned to key zones and played via midi.

Live and Studio

Use Artillery on stage to mix effects into the audio tracks of your Liveset using the midi keyboard.

Use Artillery in your Sequencer to place effects into the desired places, using midi notes.

The Features:

28 Innovative High Quality Effects

FX Activation via Midi in Toggle und Gate mode

Realtime Key Quantisation

Universal Modulator per Parameter

Dry/Wet Envelope per effect

Full Integration of Midi und Host Automation
- MAC PPC, Intel: VST / AU

Price: 149,- Euro