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Absynth Cryptotronix - Mysterious moods and atmospheres.

This soundset is composed of the 25 sounds of Cryptotronix and 25 additional sounds of Cryptotronix 2, provided by dBu - DangerousBear.com

Each sound is composed of 7 samples, C0 to C7, that can be loaded as .wav in Absynth.

The presets were made by Daniel Kemp of Westgate and are meant to be mysterious, atmospheric, moody and very easy to fit into your music.

50 sounds, 350 .wav files, packaged in .zip format for easy cross-platform compatability.

44 presets in a Version 3 .glo file and 44 presets converted from the .glo as Version 4 .ksd files

Absynth Cryptotronix is available as a download for $20