Angry Red Planet - Temper v0.9.16 (Pc/Pro/Free)

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Temper 0.9.16

* Added markers to the song ruler. Right click to add a marker, use numeric keypad 1-9 to set the current song position on the marker.
* Added grid to the song area. You can quantize by measures or beats, or turn the grid off. Holding down ALT will defeat the grid temporarily, like in the track editor.
* Added support for sending MIDI NRPNs.
* The track alpha levels (i.e. the visibility of notes from other tracks) is now retained.
* Fix: Crashing bug that happened when you solo'd a group that was in an inactive track.
* Fix: Punch in/out recording wasn't working with audio tracks.

Angry Red Planet:
Welcome to Temper, a MIDI+Audio sequencer with an emphasis on MIDI. If you're wondering what distinguishes Temper from other sequencers, see our discussion of why we're doing this project. If you just want to get a quick overview of how things work, see getting started and the other documentation.

Temper is available in two versions: Temper C is free until version 1.0, when it will become unrestricted, unexpiring shareware with a low registration fee. Temper A includes much more sophisticated MIDI processing tools and possibilites; you can see a comparison or read the why document to get a better understanding.

Both versions are the same download. Temper A is available for a preorder price of US$50. The license covers all versions through 1.x. You will be emailed a license key immediately upon payment.


sophisticated event routing and manipulation

powerful MIDI editing environment

interactive algorithmic composition tools

unified MIDI controllers+VST automation

multicore audio engine

easy audio recording