AriesCode - AriesVerb v0.4 (Pc/Free)

A new version of AriesVerb is available with improved stability, some new features and presets. Most importantly, it comes now with a complete PDF documentation.

* Complete PDF documentation.
* Many new presets.
* Many old presets have been refined.
* New parameters: Hold mode and Dr. Who mode.
* Better usability with parameter automation.
* Fixed bugs.

The new presets include: Airplaaine (phasers), Laurel & Hardy (a flanger), Instant Honk (a chorus), PWM-alyzer (a chorus with a twist), Major Glitch (FM effect), Slapback inserts, Laser Echo, resonant lowpass and highpass filters (yes, it's possible), Auto wah-wah, and some others.

If the Hold parameter is active, the feedback loop is closed and recycling infinitely. The Dr. Who parameter controls whether the delay lines are cleared between progam changes. If they are not, then switching between programs may create all sorts of unpredictable clicks and noises. These parameters are themselves not part of a program, which may confuse some hosts.

Parameter are now free from clicking and popping, which improves usability with automation. This was previously broken, because the delay line pointers were reset on any parameter change, even if they didn't had to.

Effect-Reverb plugin with low CPU usage, based on a highly configurable fractional delay design.

When used conservatively as a room simuator, this plugin can do smooth reverbs with a lively and present sound.

In addition, this plugin can do more than just room simulation. Most parameters can be adjusted over a wide range of many orders of magnitude. The fractional delay allows for phasing effects in the microseconds (µs) range, even below the actual sampling rate used. The delay length modulation can be adjusted in depth and speed, where the modulation speed may be so high that FM like effects are possible. The package is completed with an overdrive distortion inside the feedback loop for that extra crunchy edge.

* Fractional delay effect-reverb plugin.
* 14 geometry configurations.
* 6 feedback matrix configurations.
* Delay time (room size): 1 µs (0.3 mm) to 1 s (330 m).
* Independent control of low and high-frequency decay.
* Stereo rotation.
* Delay length modulation.
* Modulation period from 0.001 s (1 kHz) to 10 s (0.1 Hz) allows for flanger, phaser, rotor, and FM like effects.
* Overdrive distortion inside the feedback loop for extra crunch.

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