Audio Impressions - Realtime Strings

Realtime Strings with Turn-Key System
Realtime Orchestra String's is divided into the
“perfect world” standard number of instruments per section: 18 Violins I, 16 Violins II,
14 Violas, 12 Celli and 10 Basses. (70 strings total – 10 of which are solos)

• DVZ, SPACE, and Realtime Orchestrator Technologies
• Full Strings Library
• 3-Tiered TurnKey System

Ai’s Realtime Instrments-Strings has every possible playing style and effect for each and every instrument… not just for some. Ai’s string orchestra is divided into the “perfect world” standard number of instruments per section: 18 Violins I, 16 Violins II, 14 Violas, 12 Celli and 10 Basses. (70 strings total – 10 of which are solos) All possible combinations of ensembles and playing styles are immediately available at your fingertips upon launch, with full automation capability via our AU™ or VST™ plug-ins on any sequencer/computer.

Ai’s patented DVZ® process, developed by award-winning composer Christopher L.
Stone, allows composers to precisely duplicate the actual, physical note divisions
that exist within a live orchestral performance. Ai’s Realtime Strings™ are optimized
to take full advantage of DVZ® processing that no longer forces instruments to
multiply like an organ.

Ai’s patent-pending SPACE™ lets you continuously vary the size, shape and acoustics
of the recorded environment in real time. Place each player anywhere you like within
our stereo to 7.1 environments without changing samples or hardware configuration.
Ai’s Realtime Instruments-Strings, DVZ® and SPACE™ together provide you with:

• Selection of 1 to 70 strings on the fly and in hundreds of combinations.

• Available playing styles on all strings include: Normale, Tremolando, Harmonics, Col
Legno, Pizzicato, Bartók Pizz, and Trills in multiple interval selections with other
patterns that can sync to your sequencer clock.

• Available effects on all strings include: Con Sordino, Sul Tasto, Sul Ponticello and automatic
bowing or forced heel/mid/tip bow selections. You can also force down or up bow.

• Available articulations on all strings include: Arco, Legato, Molto Legato, Staccato,
Stacatissimo, Detache, Martelé, Secco, Flautando, Ricochet, Slurs and more.

• We recorded each string of each instrument discretely to bring you, for the first time,
auto left hand-positioning for realistic fingering; or you can force left-hand positions
such as Sul II, Sul III or Sul IV.

• Hysteresis-control follows your performance speed and intensity to produce natural
pitch and time variations for realistic runs and slurs that were previously impossible
to achieve with conventional sampling technology.

• Less wasted time thanks to solid reliability; a constant player count on a known
hardware platform makes for an exceptionally stable system that avoids crashes.

• Works with all plug-in ready sequencers (using our AU™ or VST™ plug-ins).

• Computer-cluster architecture with gigabit Ethernet gives you more power, a scaleable
system AND you need only one audio output card, not one per sampler computer.

• Lay down tracks or play them back at any time using any of our 5 sample rates – all
with fully automated DVZ RT changes. Included at no extra charge are:
44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz.

Price: 3,500


  1. Yes. It's one really expensive music making software.

  2. Anonymous21:12

    Comes with the computers and RAM disk to run it. It's not software.

  3. Yeah, you are right. Sorry for that.


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