Christian Knufinke Software - SIR2

SIR2 is an easy to use native audio-plugin to use for high quality reverberation. It offers zero-latency processing with low CPU-consumption and non-destructive audio processing of impulse responses. SIR2 includes high definition impulse responses (HDIR) of *real* places produced by Pinguin, Hamburg. You can also use various impulse responses from free or commercial sources.

Zero latency processing
Includes Pinguin's High Definition Impulse Responses
"True Stereo" processing (a stereo convolution takes place for every source channel (left + right))
High-quality internal sample rate converting
separate dry/wet control (-60db .. +20dB)
free non-destructive amplitude envelope
free non-destructive filter envelope
Predelay (0ms - 2000ms)
Stretch control (high quality resampling)
Forward / reverse switch
Stereo In / Stereo IR Control
linear phase FFT-EQ
signal routing options
HDIR-Direct On/Off switch
imports WAV, AIF, FLAC, BWS, OGG file formats
Windows XP or Windows Vista
50 MB hard disk space
Intel Pentium 4 or better
VST-Host application (like Cubase, Tracktion...)

Price: 149 euro