The Covert Operators - Constructs 1.0

The Covert Operators are delighted to present Constructs - A Unique Live Pack for Abletons Simpler instrument.

At the heart of this pack are 26 sets of 128 .ams files and several raw samples, for a total of over 3300 included sounds!
This .ams Meta files collection of looping waveforms is made exclusively for Live 6, designed by The Covert Operators – the first company in the world to leverage this exciting new technology for Live and bring it to the users. Ams files allow the user to work with an enormous number of samples without wasting precious hard drive space, while providing a huge range of sounds – clear, uncompromising tone, bringing the modest Simpler instrument into the world of pure synthesis.

Constructs is both suitable for people who enjoy our renowned presets AND for people who don’t like presets at all:
On top of hundreds of presets made for the Simpler, there is a large collection of initialized presets to integrate in your own programming process.

The tools provided by Constructs are even more useful to Sampler owners; if you own Sampler, then the Simpler instrument can be quickly converted into a Sampler, allowing you to take the loaded sound even further with the unique layering, filtering and processing allowed in the Sampler instrument.

With sounds ranging from simple clicks to massively complex pads, this pack will satisfy you for a long time. All the presets in this pack can be building blocks for your own collection of presets or simply used out-of-the-box – a macro-assignment-laden resource of sounds, ready to be explored!

Get it it now for 39€