The Covert Operators - The Muses: Covert Audio Effects

The Covert Operators are proud to bring you The Muses: Covert Audio Effects.
A collection of over 120 audio effects racks for Ableton Live, showing why the Covert Operators are still the best around!

The presets include beat manglers, mad distortion effects, delays and insane effects that could only have come from the reigning Ableton kings.

Showcasing some of Live 6’s neat new features like the saturator, waveshaper and the dynamic tube, we have been able to bring a fantastic selection of distortion racks and guitar effects, just ripe for dragging and dropping into your session.
The effects even come with a master rack that will quickly let you select different presets; perfect for browsing for effects or for live performance bank switching.

This pack also includes a high number of racks with macros assigned to the appropriate parameters, to allow you to quickly change the character of the effect.
We also included a much needed Dry/Wet control to a lot of the effects to make them more suitable for use in live situations and for flexibility in the studio.

* 7 Beat Manglers: Using various devices such as Beat Repeat, Gate and Autopan to break apart your audio. Most of these racks will let you fade from the dry signal to a chopped up version of the signal and all the racks have a full helping of assigned macros.

* 24 Delays and Space Modulation effects: From subtle exciters to the most excruciating feedback noises, this group of presets will not disappoint you.
The ability to parallel stack effects in a rack has allowed us to do some almost absurd things with these effects. All these racks have macros assigned to the appropriate parameters, and all of them are poised to blow you away!

* 44 Guitar and Distortion effects: If you’re a guitar player who is looking for some quick guitar effects with a different flavor, then some of these effects are made for you. If you’re the type of person who likes his bass with some grit or you generally just like to destroy sound, then all of these presets are made for you.

* 53 Mixed Audio Effects: These effects are combinations of filters, delays, distortion units, resonators and some of the craziest action in town, including filters emulating and going beyond the covetted Morphing Filter of the Sampler instrument - and much more!

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