The Covert Operators - The Muses: Covert MIDI Effects for Live 6

The Covert Operators are proud to bring you The Muses: Covert MIDI Effects for Live 6.

The Muses: Covert MIDI Effects is a collection of MIDI Effect Racks that contains over a 100 presets!

* 70 Arpeggiator Racks: The arpeggiator has got to be the most inspiring of all midi effects. The Covert Operators bring you a huge set of MIDI processing Racks with all kinds of arps, drum rolls, melodic patterns and chaotic note triggering madness that goes far far beyond simply fiddling with an Arpeggiator Device. All of these Racks with the most important parameters mapped to a macro so that you can transform the patterns to your liking - quickly and easily.

* 15 Chord & Scale racks: Fifteen Chord & Scale combo presets to add to your arsenal. These racks come in different flavors and provide you with simple but effective means to spice up a composition. You can “hot-swap” scale presets within these racks to get a wide palette of scaled chords, taking your performance or recording session into another dimension.

* The Muse Machine: Based on the acclaimed collection of free Chord and Scale presets that The Covert Operators released for Live, we made one of the most inspirational MIDI Effect Rack ever conceived!
The Muse Machine allows you to select 1 of 36 chords with a single knob and 1 of 87 scales with a single knob. The third knob lets you pick a base key for the scale, allowing you to dial up new tonalities in just seconds!
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