Electrix to Release Virtual Repeater Pro Software

The groundbreaking Electrix Repeater bought a host of new capabilities to the musician, DJ and dedicated ‘looper’ when it was launched in 2001 – earning a solid following. The re-launched Electrix brand is dedicated to supporting the existing Repeater product as well as bringing its outstanding capabilities to a wider audience. The first offering in this product line is VirtualRepeater for PC and Mac.

Electrix achieved great recognition for their simple and intuitive user interface designs, whilst allowing
users to enjoy rich control over their audio. VirtualRepeater takes this philosophy further, delivering a
Graphical User Interface experience that is simple, intuitive and powerful. It complements the existing UI
with new graphical ways of interacting with loop material, allowing artists to see and interact with their
audio flow – in real time.
· Clean, dynamic, clean, fast and intuitive GUI
o Classic and Modern control panel styles
o Track controls for gesture control and mesmerizing visual feedback of loop track
behaviour. A whole new way of looping.
o Integrated single-pane loop browsing.
o Simple, clean, intuitive access to all controls. No menus to wade through.
o Direct help to keep you moving.
· Clean, crisp loops.
· Rock-solid beat detection; from picked guitar to four-on-the-floor VirtualRepeater hears you and
locks on.
· Timing stretch. Want to match to 120BPM – let VirtualRepeater take you there with no change in
pitch – in real time.
· MIDI and user-controlled sync modes for versatile synchronization.
· Multiple loop tracks with independent control;
o Slip; offset by fractions of a beat or whole bars. From slap-back to telephasic mayhem.
o Pan; true stereo control.
o Pitch; From subtle thickening to chipmunks. Fractions and whole semitones.
o Play, stop, reverse. Tracks play against each other as you want them to.
· Effects; VST input, output and track inserts.
· Multiple output busses.
· Seamless real-time loop cueing.

The experience of six years of Repeater has gone into making VirtualRepeater a uniquely powerful tool
for making music and on-the-fly remix.
See Electrix VirtualRepeater Pro at the Plasa show in London; booth number C56