Homegrown Sounds - Astralis C Sample Based Microtonal VSTi Synthesizer for PC Released

Astralis C is the 3rd Synth from the Astralis VSTi synth pack and uses either 16 or 24 bit Mono/Stereo Samples as it's sound source. The Samples are stored in banks of around 50 in a custom samples folder which can be installed anywhere on your PC. Each folder in the main samples folder becomes a Bank of selectable samples from within Astralis. Astralis C also comes with 2 banks of High quality samples and a bank of 128 presets. All Astralis Synths are based on the same system and the shared synth features are listed here. Additionally Astralis C has the following features:

NOTE: Astralis C is not currently shareware, it is available to license holders only and is available for download immediately after payment

* Two Stereo Samplers which can load 16/24 bit samples.
* Loop points selectable between embedded or user edited as well as a fine tuning screen.
* Gate Sequencer now has 2 new Destinations, sample 1 and 2 and can be used to shift the playhead position for beatslicing type effects.
* Wavetable Synthesis via Mod Matrix.
* Start or end Loop Points can be modulated.
* Sample Start Position can be Modulated.
* Normalize Sample to 5 different Levels
* Progressive Lofi modes
* Forward or Reverse Modes
* Attack Section On Off
* One shot/ Loop with Release or Loop Only playback
* Loop Section Fwd or Alternate
* Random Sample selection from Banks
* Optimized CPU usage

Astralis C Main Features

The major difference with Astralis C is that it allows custom samples to be used as the sound source. The samples are stored in Banks which are simply a folder containing samples within the installed samples folder. The only limit to the amount of samples within a bank is the characters which make up their names. Any samples beyond a thousand characters will not be visible inside Astralis. This is due to a limitation in Synthedit.

Astralis C can use Mono/Stereo 16/24 bit samples at any khz and there is virtually no limitation to size, although bear in mind that samples are loaded into memory. Also with large wav files loop points may not be represented accurately due to floating point calculations within Synthedit.

Astralis Microtonal VST Synthesizer Pack: £30