Homegrown Sounds - Astralis C v1.0.1

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Astralis C 1.0.1 has a newly developed dedicated file system module which solves all the incompatibility problems experienced in some hosts. The new module is a complete self contained file/bank management system and the main benefits are:

* No more limitations on the number of files in a bank
* Sub Directories are now scanned
* Randomize will now select a sample from any installed bank
* Refresh button for rescanning the directory
* Banks are now selected via a popup menu instead of the old browse button
* New randomization back-end throughout the synth to reduce load times slightly.

Astralis C is the 3rd Synth from the Astralis VSTi synth pack and uses either 16 or 24 bit Mono/Stereo Samples as it's sound source. The Samples are stored in banks of around 50 in a custom samples folder which can be installed anywhere on your PC. Each folder in the main samples folder becomes a Bank of selectable samples from within Astralis. Astralis C also comes with 2 banks of High quality samples and a bank of 128 presets. Read more.