Maizesoft - Maize sampler v1.3

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1.ADSR low pass filter 2.Reverb Parameter 3.Layer Names 4.Drag and Drop from SampleList to Maaping Area 5.Parameter Automation

Maize Sampler is a full-fledged VST sampler. All you need to do is mapping the samples to the notes, then Maize Sampler will respond to external MIDI messages and play back the mapped samples accordingly. Maize Sampler supports keyswithing, disk-streaming, multi-layering, release-triggering, and choke groups. It can load up 16 channels and each can support 32 polyphonies. It also has volume ADSR, plus the in-built simple Reverb
and EQ effect. One of the main features of Maize Sampler is the ability to "propagate" (VSTi export), so users can share exported VSTi with other people easily.

Propagate (VSTi export)
Keyswitching between 12 independent layers with layer names
Sample-mapping, velocity layering, and sample looping
16 channels, 4 stereo output, 32 polyphonies
Supports 8, 16, 24 bit sample rate
Built-in simple reverb
Standalone mode
Choke group, release trigger
Soundfont to Maize Sampler converter
ADSR low pass filters
Parameters Automation
Drag and drop from sample list to mapping area
Sample preview

Price:88 USD