Massey -TD5 (Pc/Mac/universal/Pro/Free)

TD5 analog tape delay plug-in

Simply put, the TD5 sounds and acts like a real-life vintage tape delay. Deep, thick, gritty, and three dimensional. The TD5 has up to 2 seconds of delay time, can sync to the Pro Tools tempo map, and provides a number of tonal options.

The TD5 comes in both RTAS and TDM plug-in types and supports all flavors of Pro Tools (v6 and higher).

The TD5 demo has an unlimited usage period and introduces no mutes or beeps to the audio. Use it as long as you like!

A feature-rich version is available for purchase and includes the following:

* Clip-light functionality (HD only)
* Bypass switching

* Multi-mono support (Pro Tools only)
* Session-restore functionality

* Save-and-restore functionality
* Automation
Price: 79 dollar