Nucleus SoundLab - Lineage for Korg Legacy

Nucleus SoundLab's latest patchset is called Lineage for Korg Legacy* . Lineage is a high-quality universal refill consisting of 320 presets for the award-winning Korg Legacy Edition . Through dedicated work of sound designer Richard Lichten, the possibilities of these beautiful instruments are revealed for the first time, providing you with an exceptional arsenal of sounds for some of the best synthesizers ever.

The highlight of this collection is the Legacy Cell bank. It features 128 presets including rich beautiful pads, wonderful moving ambient atmospheres, deep basses, dance-usable leads, stabs, and arpeggios. These patches serve as thoughtful sonic inspiration, and provide outstanding bread&butter sounds for everyday musical tasks. Through careful use of the modular design and the effects of this uber-synth, the Legacy Cell set really shows the beauty and sonic potential of the latest generation of virtual synthesizers.

Also included are four banks of immediately usable sounds for the MS 20 and the Korg Polysix. These presets provide the core of this set. While these two MS 20 banks are general purpose sounds, the two Polysix banks have a special emphasis on dance sounds and arpeggios.

Two additional banks are for the MS-20 are centered around vocal-like sounds, which takes advantage of the special sound character and unique serial filter design of this synth. Analog choir-like sounds, mellotronish voices, moving vocal sounds with shifting formants, and deep vocal effects are especially suited for ambient and film composing tasks and can provide sonic spice for your tracks. Details:

* 128 Legacy Cell presets
* 128 MS-20 Presets
* 64 Polysix Presets

Lineage for Korg Legacy is available now for electronic distribution at the low price of €29.95.