Rayzoon Technologies - Jamstix v2.0.15

Rayzoon  Jamstix 2 drums instrument music making software

Version 2.0.15 8/30/2007

* MIDI import now truncates beginning silence greater than 80% of a bar length
* MIDI Import can now handle 'Addictive Drums' MIDI files
* MIDI Import can now handle more GrooveMonkee MIDI files
* MIDI Import can now handle time signatures other than 4/4
* fixed various other MIDI import compatibility issues
* fixed bug causing all MIDI output to be set to channel 1 regardless of kit settings
* fixed problem with fill length knobs in the fill generator introduced in earlier hotfix
* fixed bar preview jumping to other bar in some hosts
* fixed fill composing even on locked bars
* some minor fixes

Version 2.0.13 8/28/2007

* fixed remaining GUI refresh issues with REAPER
* fixed Jamstix 1 rhythm and fill import problem introduced in earlier beta hotfix

Version 2.0.12 8/27/2007

* manually auditing the kit triggers kit animation again (this was disabled in 2.0.11)
* fixed GUI refresh issues in REAPER
* bar editor draws downbeat number again
* changing import clip type on an existing import style part now properly initializes clip file dialog
* manually placed fills are no longer removed when resizing parts
* fixed issues when having sounds mapped to subhost without a DLL actually being loaded
* fixed duplicate notes being copied by JS2 from core to non-core bars if they were locked
* when JS copies locked notes from core bars during composing, the copies are no longer locked themselves

Version 2.0.11 8/26/2007

* various stability fixes
* fill length knobs now operate as percentage of bar length
* MIDI output now works properly with Ableton Live
* fixed behavior of 'MIDI Quantize' button in Options screen
* fixed default part being set to 1/4 time sig when using Cubase and 'Time Sig Changes' enabled
* drummer habits can no longer remove locked notes
* fixed 'note ghosts' left in bar editor when reducing composition in preview loop
* limb check system now properly considers locked notes when determining necessary deletions
* when resizing parts or adding/removing part, existing fills are no longer recomposed
* when loading a plugin DLL manually, you are now prompted whether you want all existing sounds to be mapped to the plugin. That way you do not need to manually change every sound

Version 2.0.9 8/25/2007

* fixed no sound + errors when using dry kits in 2.0.8
* fixed problems with projects using Import style saved with earlier versions
* fixed error 105 when trying to open import style loader after done so previously and having previewed some files
* various minor fixes

Version 2.0.8 8/24/2007

* fixed some Jamstix 1 rhythm import inaccuracies
* improved event time and velocity offset maintenance
* improved stability in some hosts with certain configurations
* the bar editor menu option 'Lock Manually Created Events' is now recalled and also set by default
* fixed pattern preview changing host lock status
* fixed doubling of notes on beat 1 during part change when 'Time Sig Changes' are enabled
* fixed problems with playback in 'Freeze' mode
* improved MIDI drag-&-drop data quality
* displays proper message if user tries to edit a bar past the end of the last part
* fixed improper saving of 'Import' style data to project, which also resulted in long load/save times

Version 2.0.7 8/23/2007

* various fixes to improve stability in several hosts on certain machine configurations
* 'Quickstart' is no longer a separate window to avoid window Z order conflicts in some hosts when loading a fresh JS2
* fixed problem with phasing on freeze playback. If you have an existing project that does this then thaw JS2,use 'Clear Buffers' in Song menu and play the project one time to get good buffers and then it will be fine
* bar editor edit width now properly adjust when using multiple time signatures in the same song
* fixed no fills being generated with brush player at 100% drummer ratio setting
* JS2 no longer jumps to the foreground upon mouse move with enabled mouse wheel support. Therefore mouse wheel toggle has been removed from Options screen

Version 2.0.6 8/22/2007

* 'End Crash' setting for a fill is no longer overridden by default value
* fixed samples loading to RAM when changing sounds with 'MIDI-Out Only' enabled
* fixed freezing when doing a lot of fast previewing in sound load screen
* added option "Mouse Wheel Support" so users who don't need this function and are annoyed by the JS2 window popping to front upon mouse move can disable this
* fixed problems when having multiple projects using JS2 open in Sonar
* fixed error when trying to freeze a song that uses a kit with dry (CS) sounds
* fixed error when trying to import a MIDI file with more than 8 bars via the IMPORT style
* fixed incorrect limb name shown for snares and toms in bar editor tooltip under certain circumstances
* various fixes to improve stability in several hosts on certain machine configurations

Version 2.0.5 8/22/2007

* fixed errors importing MIDI clips with improper pitch names
* fixed immediate crashing in Nuendo on some machines
* various fixes to improve stability in several hosts on certain machine configurations

Version 2.0.4 8/21/2007

* fixed error when clicking OK in MIDI Import screen without selecting a MID file
* fixed problem when trying to use more than 10 parts
* non-admin XP mode is now supported by adding NonAdmin=1 to [General] section of the jamstix2.ini file
* added 'MIDI Play In Jam' option to be able to trigger drum sounds even in jam mode
* various minor fixes

Version 2.0.2 8/21/2007

* attempted fix of Cubase crashing that some users experience

Version 2.0.1 8/20/2007

* added 'MIDI Output' option
* fixed limited tom and cymbal usage with external VSTi
* fixed external VSTi edit window being moved back when mouse moved over JS2 interface
* fixed missing sound in FL Studio due to improper end-of-loop data sent by FLS

The World's Most Advanced Virtual Drummer VSTi

* real-time groove composition using dedicated style and drummer modeling (not static patterns!)
* in-depth drummer limb simulation, including triangulation of hand movements, ensures that the grooves are always humanly playable (no ten-armed drummer here)
* advanced feel modeling includes sound-specific pocket delays, power and timing variations and can play ahead, on or behind the beat
* real-time fill generator produces unique fills (no static patterns used!) that match the style and drummer in use
* streamlined interface with visual drum kit for editing as well as just watching the drums play
* part-based arranger with transition and repetition fills, liveloop technology as well as drag-&-drop MIDI export
* limb-centric bar editor allows fine-tuning of events without need for MIDI export/editing in host
* extensive MIDI controller mapping allows in-depth remote-control of the style, drummer and mixer.
* built-in mixer with compressor and 3-band EQ
* comes with 50 styles and 10 drummers, expandable via future Paks
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