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Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III

Roger Linn:

What’s new in AdrenaLinn III?

If you're familiar with AdrenaLinn II, here's what's new:

* 40 amp models, all enhanced for accuracy, presence and improved tube saturation
* Stereo reverb
* Compression
* Tuner
* User presets increased to 200 & filled with great new sounds. (For details, download our Preset & Drumbeat Listing.)
* User drumbeats increased to 200 & filled with great new beats. (For details, download our Preset & Drumbeat Listing.)
* Right foot switch is now named EFFECT and may be assigned per-preset to enable any specific effect or combination. Functions of both foot switches may be reassigned.
* Greatly enhanced MIDI pedalboard control: up to 10 MIDI footswitches and 2 MIDI expression pedals may be assigned to control nearly all internal settings and commands
* A variable Amp Drive Boost has been added, actuated by panel or MIDI foot switches
* Stereo width of modulation effects and delay are now adjustable
* Envelope attack & decay times are now adjustable for random filter & random tremolo effects
* Four new Modulation Effects are added: Auto Pan, Wah Pedal, Fixed Filter and Sci-Fi
* Simple guitar amp distortion now exists for drumbeats, independent of guitar amp models
* Internal drums may be triggered from MIDI
* Variable- frequency lowpass filters have been added to output of amp models, delay & drumbeats
* Improved drum sounds
* Noise gate is improved to be virtually unnoticeable
* And much, much more (Download the manual for details.)

If you already own an AdrenaLinn or AdrenaLinn II, you can upgrade it to AdrenaLinn III for only US$99.

What's an AdrenaLinn III?

AdrenaLinn III is not just another stomp box but rather an innovative professional tool for those who want to express their musical creativity through new and unique sounds. Although it accurately provides the classic amp and effects sounds you've grown to love over the years, AdrenaLinn III journeys much farther afield into new and uncharted territory, providing a wide palette of unique and creative tools to transform ordinary guitar parts into something truly extraordinary.
Beat-Synched Modulation/Filter Effects, plus Filter Sequencer & Random Filters

AdrenaLinn III's Beat-Synched Filter Modulation effects give you the classic modulation effects you know and love like tremolo, flanging, filter sweeps, vibrato, rotary speaker and auto-pan, but moving in perfect synch to its drumbeats or MIDI clock. No longer will you need to hope your tremolo stays in synch to your track, or try to make your flanger reach the top of its cycle when you want it to. With AdrenaLinn III, you simply select a tempo-based speed value-- 1/8 notes, 1/8 note triplets, 1/16 notes, anything from every 8 measures to 1/32 note triplets--and AdrenaLinn III keeps perfect synch. But the real fun comes with AdrenaLinn III's new and unique modulation effects like Random Filter, Random Flanging and Random Tremolo, Filter Tremolo, Pulse Tremolo, Sawtooth Tremolo, Sawtooth Filter Tremolo, Hard-Switched Auto Pan and much, much more.

The Note-Triggered Filter Effects are a tremendously creative tool for solo work. You get Auto Wah, Envelope Filter (with adjustable rise and fall times), Volume Swells, Note-Triggered Chorus, even an amazing simulation of the vintage Talk Box effect, normally produced by routing the speaker's sound through a tube into the musician's mouth to make the sound "talk".

AdrenaLinn III's Filter Sequences are amazing in their ability to enhance even simple chordal parts and inspire new composition ideas. Your guitar signal is processed through a filter that changes its frequency--and optionally sweeps it up or down--at up to 32 steps within a looped, 2-measure sequence, superimposing a fascinating rhythmic pattern onto your guitar parts. You can choose one of 20 preset rhythmic filter sequences or program your own.

Another creative tool is AdrenaLinn III's exclusive Arpeggio Sequences, as used in John Mayer's 2004 hit Bigger Than My Body. In this case, your guitar signal in processed through a sequence of pitched resonances, superimposing patterns of major, minor, chromatic or other note sequences onto your tone. It's sort of like the resonant frequency you'd hear if playing your guitar in a small tiled room, except the size of the room changes up to 32 times over 2 measures in a pattern of specific resonances. Like the Filter Sequences, you can select from 20 preset sequences or program your own.

The third type of sequence offered by AdrenaLinn III is its Tremolo Sequences, in which your guitar signal moves through a sequence of volume pulses of programmed levels. An example of what this sounds like is the opening guitar part in Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Again, select from 20 preset sequences or program your own.

For those who really like to push the limit, AdrenaLinn III permits you to design your own effects. Borrowing from the world of patchable analog synthesizers, you can route any modulation source (LFO, random LFO, sequencer, envelope follower, note-triggered envelope generator, peak hold generator) to any audio processor (Moog/Evolver style 4-pole lowpass filter, Oberheim-style 2-pole lowpass filter, wah/bandpass filter, highpass or notch filter, flanger/resonator, pitch modulator or volume level). The possibilities for unique guitar effects are unequalled.
40 Superb Guitar Amplifier Models

AdrenaLinn III provides 40 accurate models of classic and modern guitar amps, as well as a few bass amps, 2 distortion boxes and even a tube mic preamp. With new enhancements for tube saturation simulation, the guitar amps modeled include Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa Boogie, Roland, Hiwatt, Soldano, Bogner, Deizel, Budda, Matchless, ENGL plus a number of custom Roger Linn Design amps for the more radical tones. Four bass amps are included from Acoustic, Ampeg, Gallien-Krueger and SWR. We also include Fuzz Tone and Octave Fuzz, as well as a simulated tube clean preamp for mic recording and full-frequency direct guitar tones. Download the AdrenaLinn III Users Manual for more details. The amps sound great on their own, but the sonic possibilities multiply when combined with AdrenaLinn III's Beat-Synched Filter Modulation and Delay effects.
Beat-Synched Delay and Delay Loops

Like the Beat-Synched Filter Modulation effects, AdrenaLinn III provides a Beat-Synched Audio Delay. Simply select a tempo-based delay setting--1/4 notes, dotted 1/8 notes, anything from 2 measures up to 1/32 note triplets--and the delay signal plays in perfect synch to the internal drumbeats or MIDI Clock. Set it to 1 or 2 measures (up to 2.8 seconds of delay) for our unique Delay Loops, which allow you to play chords on one bar, solo over them on the next bar as they play back , play new chords on the next bar over the last bar's solo, and on and on. A great inspirational tool.

Programmable Drum Machine

A great-sounding--and great-feeling--drum machine is included with 200 user-programmable drumbeats and over 40 sampled sounds. Two degrees of swing permit very natural-sounding grooves. Factory beats include Rock/Pop, 1/16 Note Grooves, Swing Grooves, Triplet Feels, Hip Hop, Electronica/Techno/Dance, World/Brazilian/Reggae/Latin, Jazz, Simple Counts and Processed Beats. Sounds include 9 kicks, 9 snare, 6 hihats, toms, ride, shaker, tambourine, congas, claps, triangle and cowbell. An additional simple guitar amp distortion simulator--independent of the amp models--provides great lo-fi sounds, and the drumbeats can also be routed through the reverb, delay or the entire guitar effects signal path for incredible-sounding processed beats.
Plus Reverb, Compression, Noise Gate and Tuner

The stereo-output reverb adds depth and fullness, the compressor adds sustain and is great for evening out the level of resonant modulated filter peaks, the Noise Gate has a flawless transparency with natural note decay, and the tuner rejects hum and noise to keep you in tune during live performance.

Easy to Use

With all of AdrenaLinn III's tremendous capabilities, it's surprisingly easy to use. To play one of the 200 presets or 200 drumbeats, simply browse the printed Preset & Drumbeat Listing manual, turn the PRESET and DRUMBEAT knobs to select them, then press START to play the selected drumbeat.

To adjust any of the modulation, amp, delay, compression or reverb settings that make up a preset, simply find the desired setting in the parameter matrix on the front panel, press the UP or DOWN arrow buttons to light the light next to it, then turn the knob above it. That’s it.

Achieving unique modulation and filter effect sounds is also easy with our Mod Effect and Variation controls. First select a Mod Effect type from the 18 choices printed on the left side of the panel, then select 1 of up to 21 variations for the selected effect type. All of the other detail settings are filled in for you, but can be subsequently adjusted to taste. For example, you might set Mod Effect to Random Filter, then select the Variation called 1/8 Note Random Swept Filter. If desired, you can fine-tune the effect by adjusting the Filter Frequency, Attack/Decay Time, Resonance, FX/Dry Mix or other settings, but you don't need to.

Computer Editor Available from SoundTower

The SoundTower company has created an AdrenaLinn III Editor for Mac and Windows. This permits remote graphic editing, saving and loading of all AdrenaLinn III settings at a low cost. A free lite version is available for download that converts AdrenaLinn II preset and drumbeat files to AdrenaLinn III format. For more information, visit

Upgrade any AdrenaLinn I or II to AdrenaLinn III

If you own an AdrenaLinn or AdrenaLinn II, you can purchase our AdrenaLinn III Upgrade Kit for only US$99 to convert your unit to a fully-functional AdrenaLinn III.

Note: The company and product names shown above are owned by their respective companies and are in no way affiliated with us. They are printed here only to indicate the excellent guitar amps and synthesizer filters we used to inspire the sounds we created for the AdrenaLinn III.

Price: US$375