SSL - Duende v2.1

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New Features/Fixes in v2.1

Multiple Duende support

Up to 2 Duende units can now be used on any single PC or Mac, providing 64 mono plug-ins at 44.1/48kHz and 32 mono plug-ins at 88.2/96kHz.

If you have purchased Drumstrip for Duende and intend to use it in a multi Duende environment, please contact

If working at 44.1/48kHz we recommend the two Duende units are connected to separate firewire busses. Please see below for a list of tested PCI, PCI-e and Express34 firewire interfaces.

If you are working at 88.2/96kHz sample rate then the two Duende units must be connected to separate firewire busses. If this is not done then neither Duende will function correctly.

Please be aware that on Intel based Mac systems, an additional firewire bus must always be provided for the second Duende unit. This is due a limitation of the Mac OS X operating system and is out of SSLs control. The issue is not present on PPC based Macs.

Lower Kernel usage on Mac systems

There has been a 50% improvement in the amount of kernel usage when Duende is used on a PPC or Intel Mac. This will improve general system performance for most users as it frees up resources for other peripherals and software.

System requirements:

Please note that Mac OS 10.4.10 must be used with Duende v2.1 software

SSL Console Processing For Your DAW

Duende. “A mysterious power which everyone senses and no philosopher explains.” 1.

You already know the sound of an SSL console – you’ve heard it on countless hit records from the last four decades. Now those superior mix characteristics are available within your digital audio workstation, seamlessly integrated as powerful plug-ins served up on a custom DSP platform.

Based on the digital technology behind SSL’s C-Series consoles, Duende delivers the complete SSL mix experience – powerful channel and dynamics processing and the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor. The easiest way to get professional mixes that sound like a record.

Duende offers complete integration into the most popular workstation environments with one simple FireWire cable connection. The processing blocks appear as VST/AU plug-ins (RTAS support via FXPansion wrapper) - including an authentic SSL channel strip with filters, E and G series EQ and dynamics processing, as well as the legendary SSL Stereo Bus Compressor.

Duende - Mix your music on an SSL.

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