TwistedWave - an Audio Editor for Macintosh

TwistedWave is simple, very easy to use, and yet very powerful. It can be used for a number of tasks, such as:

* Recording. Easily record from any input device.
* Mastering. Use Audio Units to apply effects to your songs.
* Radio package editing. The clip list makes it very easy to put samples together.
* Converting files. TwistedWave can read and write files in many different formats.

Rearrange your audio with the Clip List
Clip list

Radio package editing becomes very easy with the clip list. In just a few steps, you can quickly zip through a long recording, select chunks of audio you are interested in and copy them to the clip list. You can then create a new document by pasting your clips from the list.

The clip list can also act as a playlist. You can reorder the clips, play them all...
Pretty fast interface

Zooming in and out of the waveform is very fast. Option-click and drag the mouse to zoom very accurately, while the waveform is being refreshed at more than 100 fps, even when the files are several hours long, or when the file has not finished loading, or when an effect is being applied.

When TwistedWave is busy loading a large file, or applying a complex effect, all the work happens in the background, and you can continue working with your document, applying new effects. With TwistedWave, you newer have to wait for the end of a long computation.
Unlimited and instant Undo/Redo.

At any time, you can undo all the modifications you have made to your file. You can freely experiment with new effects without fear of making mistakes!
High quality!

Working at a resolution up to 24-bit and 192 kHz sampling rate, TwistedWave enables you to work at a professional quality.
Import from many formats

TwistedWave can read sound files in many formats, including: wav, aiff, au, snd, sd2, mp2, mp3, mp4. It is also possible to import the sound track from a movie in mov, avi or mpeg format.
Try TwistedWave now for free!

TwistedWave is available as a fully functional 30 day demo.

Price: 50 dollar