Zynewave - Podium v1.93

Zynewave Podium studio music making software

# The editors can now optionally show separate edit and play cursors. The "link edit cursor to play cursor" option is available in the editor view menu and the timeline ruler context menu.

# When the link cursor option is disabled the editor will show separate edit and play cursors during playback. The edit cursor can be moved without affecting playback. Stopping playback will return the play cursor to the edit cursor position. Pressing the play button during playback will restart playback from edit cursor position.

# When the link cursor option is enabled the cursor behaves as in previous Podium versions. Except: when using key shortcuts to move the cursor during playback the separate edit cursor appears and there is a small pause before playback jumps to the new position. The pause gives you time to use multiple keypresses to reposition playback. Dragging the cursor in the timeline ruler no longer stops playback and playback will jump when the mouse is released. Double-clicking in the timeline ruler starts and stops playback.

# The Mackie Control jog wheel will move the cursor position in 1/8 note steps. Holding the scrub button will delay the playback jump until the scrub button is released.

# Changed the appearance of the edit and play cursors so that the center line is clearly highlighted.

# Renamed the "automatic scroll" view menu option to "follow play cursor".

Podium offers a unique hierarchic mixing engine that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. Configuration of plugins and external hardware are encapsulated in an object based project structure, which hides the technical complexities when you want to focus on musical inspiration.

Advanced features includes 64-bit mixing, multiprocessor support, surround sound, integrated sound editor, preset librarian and spline curve automation of plugin, MIDI and mixer parameters. The number of supported devices, plugins, tracks, channels and mixer busses are practically unlimited. All this is presented in a stylish and customizable user interface.

Development concentrates on quality and stability. Software updates are released frequently and are planned with the involvement of the user community.

All this for only 90US$.
Read more about Podium here.