Zynewave - Podium v1.94

Zynewave Podium studio music making software

* Redesigned the UI for the track inspector and the split bar to the right of the inspector. The inspector now has a title bar with a view menu button and a minimize button. Double-clicking the title bar also minimizes the inspector.

* Added "master chain", "gain", "pan" and "send" options to the inspector view menu. These options control what is shown in the group panel.

* Added "tracks region properties" shortcut to the inspector view menu.

* Added bounce buttons to the group panel.

* Moving the mouse in the group panel will highlight the clickable control under the mouse.

* Device mappings can be assigned directly from a popup menu in the group panel.

* Redesigned the BSMR buttons.

* Updated all toolbar indicator fields with new fonts and graphics.

* The play cursor indicator in the transport toolbar now shows both clock and bar/beat time. The font will scale to the configured toolbar height.

* Added "center align" toolbar element.

* Added "undo menu" and "redo menu" toolbar elements. The default setup has been modified to use the new menu buttons. The menus show each undo and redo edit with the time elapsed since the edit was made. The menus can be opened with Alt+Z and Alt+Y.

* The file, edit, view, setup and quantize toolbar menus can be opened with the key shortcuts Alt+F, Alt+E, Alt+V, Alt+S and Alt+T.

* Added "Arrangement - Big Transport" editor profile to the default setup.

* Modified the coloring of various button and background images to enhance visibility on darker color schemes.

* Added new "Nightfall" color scheme.

* The old "enable audio mixing" option in the track properties dialog has been replaced with separate options for enabling gain and pan controls. Tracks with audio mappings assigned will now only show the gain/pan controls if enabled in the track properties.

* The track minimize state no longer controls the mixer strip. Instead there is a new "Hide Mixer Strip" option in the mixer strip/header context menu. Shortcut is Shift+H.

* Audio tracks no longer inherit the record mode of parent tracks. This change is made to allow automation recording on an effect plugin track without affecting playback of audio child tracks.

The .pod file format has been updated for this release, so it is recommended that you make backups of your projects.

Podium offers a unique hierarchic mixing engine that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. Configuration of plugins and external hardware are encapsulated in an object based project structure, which hides the technical complexities when you want to focus on musical inspiration.

Advanced features includes 64-bit mixing, multiprocessor support, surround sound, integrated sound editor, preset librarian and spline curve automation of plugin, MIDI and mixer parameters. The number of supported devices, plugins, tracks, channels and mixer busses are practically unlimited. All this is presented in a stylish and customizable user interface.

Development concentrates on quality and stability. Software updates are released frequently and are planned with the involvement of the user community.

All this for only 90US$.
Read more about Podium here.