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adobe audition 3

Recording, mixing, editing, and mastering — Adobe® Audition® 3 software is the all-in-one toolset for professional audio production.

Use Adobe Audition 3 to:

* Create your own music
* Record and mix a project
* Produce a radio spot
* Clean up audio for a movie
* Compile and edit a soundtrack

Whatever you do with audio, Adobe Audition 3 software helps you sound your best.

Top features in Adobe Audition 3
VSTi virtual instrument support

Enjoy support for a wider range of virtual instruments. Simply add a MIDI host track to your mix, choose an instrument, and then record new audio in the Sequencer.
Improved multitrack editing

Save time and increase accuracy by editing grouped clips together. Auto-crossfade clips in multitrack view to quickly mix files together. Click-and-drag fade handles on multitrack clips and in the Edit View for faster editing.
Enhanced spectral editing

Make a free-form selection in frequency space with the Effects Paintbrush and apply effects in varying degrees to that selection. Smooth over a selected region to automatically repair clicks, pops, and other noises using the Spot Healing Brush.
Top/Tail Views

Need a quick and easy way to tweak the start and end of a loop or other audio file? The new Top/Tail Views allow you to zoom into the beginning and end of a file so you can quickly add precise fades while keeping the whole file in view.
New effects

Adobe Audition 3 includes new effects such as Convolution Reverb, Analog Delay, Mastering tool, Guitar Suite, and Tube-modeled Compressor.
Superior performance

Get superior performance and take advantage of the new multicore processors. The optimized mix engine allows for more tracks and effects on the same machine, offering more variety and faster processing.

Record and mix
Waveform editing tools

Quickly mix files together by dragging clips and controlling automatic crossfades with on-clip handles.
Editing options for grouped clips

Save time and maintain consistency by grouping clips in Multitrack View, and then trimming and applying fades to them simultaneously.
VST Plug-in Manager

Enable and disable VST plug-ins more easily.
Batch saving of multiple audio files

Save multiple audio files faster with this new command. Simply specify the file format, location, filename template, and more, and these parameters are applied to each file in the batch.
Ability to duplicate tracks

In Multitrack View, you can now duplicate an audio track for use in your mix.
Improved I/O meter display

See level meters that are in use for the master track as well as for multiple input devices, and for multiple output devices.

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Low-latency mixing engine

Enjoy rapid response as you record and mix with a powerful low-latency mixing engine.
ASIO, VST, DirectX, and ReWire support

Easily integrate Adobe Audition into your workflow thanks to broad support for industry formats and standards, including ASIO, VST, DirectX, and ReWire.
More than 50 audio effects and DSP tools

Work with more than 50 real-time audio effects including echo, flange, reverb, and more. Manipulate recordings with digital signal processing (DSP) tools, mastering and analysis tools, and audio restoration features.
Recordable parameter automation

Move volume, pan, and effects controls as you listen, and record changes to your mix in real time. Changes appear as editable envelopes in the timeline.
Hardware controller automation

Adjust mix and effects parameters using external control devices, and record all your changes in real time.
Surround Encoder

Use the Surround Encoder to transform any multitrack mix into a 5.1 surround sound experience. Export the results as an interleaved file that can be used in Adobe Premiere® Pro software.
Audio mixing sends and inserts

Get more flexibility when mixing tracks by creating sends to duplicate signals that are routed to different effects. Add a send to create a separate mix for headphones during a recording session.
Effects chain on all channels, buses, and master

Add effects to the master channel and hear the results even before mixing down to a single file.
Real-time input monitoring

Listen to your audio inputs through the software, including effects applied to the input track. Then modify parameters after recording, if desired.
Quick punch

Quickly fix recording errors by punching in corrections on-the-fly as you rerecord: Toggle the record button to punch in your new take only where you want it to replace the old one. Punch in and out as many times as you want.

Multitrack View
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Unlimited number of tracks in Multitrack View

Record, edit, and mix any number of stereo tracks in Multitrack View.
Plug-in delay compensation

Add filters and effects to tracks and buses throughout the signal chain without knocking tracks out of sync.
MIDI timecode support

Use Adobe Audition software as a MIDI timecode (SMPTE/MTC) master or slave to synchronize audio playback with computers, video decks, or any hardware device that supports MTC.
Smooth splined envelopes

Adjust volume, pan, effects, and more for clips in a multitrack mix. Use splines to alter curves and create gradual transitions; rescale all envelope points to make changes quickly.
Improved recording performance

Enjoy faster performance and more economical use of hard-drive space by recording audio sessions directly to a final working file. Once recorded, your files can be saved immediately.
Up to 80 live inputs

Record up to 80 live inputs simultaneously in a multitrack session.

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Create and arrange

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VSTi virtual instrument support with MIDI piano roll

Enjoy support for a wide range of virtual instruments in your music production. Record and edit MIDI in the piano roll editor.
New effects

Expand your creative possibilities with new effects, including Convolution Reverb, Analog Delay, Mastering tool, and Tube-modeled Compressor.
Radius time stretching from iZotope

Alter tempo without changing pitch, or change pitch without tempo distortion, using the high-quality time-stretch algorithm from industry leader iZotope.
Guitar Suite effects

Perfect your sound with analog-modeled guitar effects that can be used with guitars or other instruments.
XML session format

If you are a developer, you can take advantage of the ability to import and export sessions as XML to better integrate with your tools.
Video in Surround Encoder

View the video as you scrub, keyframe, and edit your surround sound automation in the Surround Encoder. You can more easily match up your audio with the action onscreen, allowing you to perform more precise surround effects and audio placement.
Default WAV importer

Set a custom WAV importer as the default for specific actions.
Default open/save format

Specify a particular file format to ensure all saved files are consistent.
Sorting options in Files panel

In the Files panel, you can sort files by when they were opened or created, or by track number.

Create playlists in the Playlist window. Try different versions of an arrangement before you commit to the edits. Play back in any order and loop a specified number of times.
Bitmap import/export for spectral view

Save the phase histogram as a bitmap, export as a bitmap with phase map, edit in Adobe Photoshop® software, and import back into Adobe Audition.
Customizable toolbars

An adaptable workspace allows you to pick which toolbar buttons are displayed in the toolbar.
Complete audio toolset

Record, mix, arrange, and edit your audio in one comprehensive, easy-to-use application. Produce high-resolution 24- or 32-bit files with sample rates up to 192kHz for HD- and DVD-quality audio.
Loop-based soundtrack creation

Use flexible looping tools to quickly construct high-quality music for songs or soundtracks. Loops automatically match global session tempo and key.
Audio editing for video

Use Adobe Audition to edit the soundtracks for videos created in Adobe After Effects® or Adobe Premiere Pro software with the Edit Original and Edit in Adobe Audition features.
Intuitive user interface

Enjoy an easy-to-use interface with workspace panels that dock and group for optimal organization, as well as useful phase analysis tools and a powerful Mixer panel.
Thousands of uncompressed 32-bit music loops

Arrange your own music with professional results using approximately 5,000 32-bit, performance-based, royalty-free music loops in many styles.
Clip time stretching

Stretch effects or dialog to fit a video clip by simply dragging the edge of the clip in Multitrack View.
Ready-to-use music beds

Cut to the chase when deadlines loom using 20 royalty-free, ready-to-play music beds in 15- and 30-second lengths.
Batch processing

Use the convenient batch processing feature to convert large numbers of files that have different formats, sample rates, and bit depths to one common format, or to apply scripts to multiple files.
Improved video sync

Enjoy rock-solid synchronization between your audio and video playback over projects of any length.
Broader video format support

Edit soundtracks for video and then export the enhanced video in AVI, MPEG, DV, or WMV format.
Sample sessions

Get up to speed quickly by using any of the 20 sample sessions included with Adobe Audition. Modify the sample sessions to create your own music.
CD extraction

Digitally extract tracks from audio CDs to your hard drive for project use.

Build a customized collection of commands, scripts, and effects that are easily accessible via the Favorites menu or assignable keyboard shortcuts.
Custom workspaces

Configure workspace panel arrangements for specific tasks and then save them for reuse. Preset arrangements for some tasks, such as multitrack recording and mastering, are included.
Adobe Bridge

Browse, organize, and preview files, and then drag and drop what you need from Adobe Bridge. Search by or edit file information (XMP metadata) such as keywords, language, and format.
Automatic beat detection

Find and mark beats automatically. This makes new loop file creation a snap and greatly assists DJs and others who need to quickly match beats among multiple files.
Organizer panels

Keep project assets at your fingertips using three convenient panels from which you can access currently open audio, MIDI, and video files, effects, and favorites.
XMP metadata support

Use XMP metadata to quickly identify, catalog, and find clips across multiple applications. Standard metadata fields are included, and custom metadata input panels can also be created.
Custom script recording

Automate repetitive tasks with custom scripts. Most actions can be recorded to an automated script and then applied to a group of files as a batch process, or selected from the Favorites menu.
MIDI playback

Insert MIDI files into Adobe Audition multitrack sessions to play them in sync with your audio and video projects.
CD extraction

The Extract Audio from CD dialog box has been redesigned to make it easier to use. In addition, you can now configure Adobe Audition to reference an external CD database that provides track titles and other information when ripping an audio CD.

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Edit and master
Effects Paintbrush tool and Spot Healing Brush tool

Make a free-form selection in frequency space with the Effects Paintbrush and apply effects in varying degrees to that selection. Smooth over a selected region to automatically repair clicks, pops, and other noises using the Spot Healing Brush.
Automatic Phase Correction tool

Audio from analog tape or vinyl may have differences in the timing between the two channels. The Automatic Phase Correction tool calculates and applies the optimal delay to align channels of a stereo waveform.
Adaptive Noise Reduction tool

Intelligently remove noise that changes over time, including whines, buzzes, colored noise from fans or airplanes, etc.
Top/Tail Views

Zoom into the beginning and end of a file to add fades and gains while keeping the whole file in view.
Superior performance

Get superior performance and take advantage of the new multicore processors. The optimized mix engine allows for more tracks and effects on the same machine, offering more variety and faster processing.
Mastering effect

Polish sound with the Mastering effect. Control everything from Reverb to Gains or use any of the included presets.
Marquee pan and phase selections

Process discrete stereo information such as center-panned vocals in Spectral Pan display or out-of-phase audio in Spectral Phase display.
Workspace color preferences

Adapt your workspace to your liking with new preferences that let you change the tint of the Adobe Audition 3 workspace and control the color of graph lines, grids, and hot text.
Session plug-in format

Third parties can utilize the Session Format SDK to create exporter plug-ins for their own custom session format.
Graphic Panner

Correct frequency-dependent phase differences between channels (phase smearing).
Modifying automation lane points

Make a selection in the automation lane, and then move up or down to adjust only the points in the selection. Adjust a range selected in an automation lane with ease.
Mixing down to a new file

Enjoy a quick and convenient way to mix down your entire session, selected clips only, or a specified range.
Spectral play for selected frequencies

Select an area in the spectral view and play just that area, or play everything but that area.
Graphic phase shifter

Adjust the phase of a waveform by adding control points to a graph.
Edit View on-clip fades and gain control

Visually adjust volume, fades, and gains for selections or entire files.
Integrated wave-editing view with Mastering Rack

Record and edit audio files with fast, accurate tools that are tightly integrated into the Multitrack View. Apply and preview multiple effects simultaneously with the Mastering Rack when working in Edit View.
Audio restoration tools

Easily restore recordings from old vinyl; remove microphone pops, hisses, hums, and other audio artifacts; fix clipped audio; and repair recordings with Click/Pop Eliminators, Noise Reduction, and more.
Spectral Frequency Display tools

Visually isolate and select sounds in frequency and time, and then clean up, modify, or apply effects to the selected sound using the Spectral Frequency Display. Isolate specific sounds and increase the visibility of lower frequencies.
Spectral Pan and Phase displays

Analyze audio with powerful visualization tools including the unique Spectral Pan and Phase displays, which plot pan, phase, and frequency over time.
Lasso tool in Spectral Frequency Display

Easily select exactly the area you want during frequency-space editing, using the same familiar Lasso tool found in other Adobe applications.
Logarithmic Spectral Frequency Display

Use the logarithmic display option in Spectral Frequency Display to increase the visibility of lower frequencies.
Spectral color bar and resolution settings

Isolate a specific frequency range more easily by adjusting the Spectral Frequency Display color bar and resolution display settings.
Powerful mastering tools

Add final touches to a mix with the Graphic and Parametric equalizers, and add punch to your audio with the Dynamics Processor, Hard Limiter, and Multiband Compressor.
Integrated CD burning

Create reference masters of your compositions by burning gapless audio CDs directly from Adobe Audition.
Ability to save CD layouts

Quickly and easily save CD layouts — track lists and accompanying metadata — for convenient reuse.
Audible scrubbing

Quickly find the audio you want to edit using two modes of audible scrubbing. Tape-style scrubbing enables you to find hard-to-locate edit points, and shuttle-style scrubbing allows you scan through your audio rapidly.
Audio analysis tools

Work with built-in analysis tools in real time, including frequency analysis, phase analysis, and Spectral Frequency Display. Easily see audio characteristics from edit to edit.
Phase Analysis Histogram View

Use the histogram mode for an easier-to-read phase analysis view. See the percentage of your audio that is in phase and the overall phase content.
Analog-modeled Multiband Compressor

Control dynamics, adjust loudness, and master your mixes with multiband precision. Give bass and drums punch while allowing your vocals to push through the entire mix.
Pitch correction

Correct off-pitch performances and create interesting effects using pitch correction effects. Use the automatic mode for quick results or the manual mode for precise control.
Vocal/instrumental extraction

Reduce or boost the vocal or instrumental portions of a track by isolating audio based on pan position or phase. Use this feature for powerful editing or to create a cappella or karaoke-ready tracks.
Broadcast Wave support

Work with third-party hardware and software systems that use the BWF time stamp field. During import, automatically insert the clip into your session at its time stamp location.
Group RMS normalization

Convert multiple audio files to the same overall loudness. Each file is analyzed for average volume, peak volume, and frequency.
Preroll and postroll playback options

Perform edits and apply effects with the benefit of hearing your modifications in context with adjacent audio as you make your changes.
High-quality sample rate conversions

Use transparent sample rate conversions with customizable dither settings to get great-sounding results whether converting material to 44.1kHz, 48kHz, or 96kHz for CD, video, or DVD.
Improved editing performance

Experience improved performance while applying effects like Reverb and Time Stretch, and when displaying clips for editing in Spectral Frequency Display.
Support for more than 20 file formats

Work with files from a wide array of sources and deliver them in the audio format you need. More than 20 file formats and variations are supported, including Windows® PCM (WAV), OGG, AIFF, MP3, and WMA.
Delete Silence feature

Detect and remove silence between words or other sounds — ideal for cleaning up voice prompts and speeding up narratives without affecting foreground audio.
Ogg Vorbis format support

Import and export Ogg Vorbis (OGG) audio files.
Cart chunk editing

Open, edit, and save cart chunk metadata to your WAV files. Cart chunk data is used by many radio automation systems to catalog and organize audio files.


* Intel® Pentium® 4 (1.4GHz for DV, 3.4GHz for HDV); Intel Centrino®; Intel Xeon® (dual Xeon 2.8GHz processors for HD); or Intel Core™ Duo or compatible processor (SSE2-enabled processor required for AMD systems)
* Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional or Home Edition with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise (certified support for 32-bit editions only)
* 512MB of RAM (1GB for DV playback; 2GB for HDV and HD playback)
* 10GB of available hard-disk space (when used with Loopology DVD)
* DVD drive required for installation
* 1,280x900 monitor resolution with 32-bit video card and 16MB of VRAM
* Microsoft DirectX or ASIO compatible sound card
* QuickTime 7.0 required to use QuickTime features
* Internet or phone connection required for product activation

Price: $349


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