Angry Red Planet - Temper v0.9.21 (PC/PRO/Free)

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Temper 0.9.21

* Polished up displaying/selecting patches. See
* Audio phrases now have MIDI input.
* Added new tool, Copy. When clicking on an event, it takes that event plus all selections and copies them, allowing you to drag the copies to a new location. New users, this tool is available by holding CTRL+right mouse button. Existing users can map this tool to that button if desired.
* When in the track editor, numeric keypad +/- will step through the track's takes.
* Added infinite zoom: As you go below 25%, it starts blending with a value to display the entire song.
* Changed behaviour: Edit operations no longer autoplay the selection if the song is playing.
* Fix: A couple hanging bugs.
* Fix: Some bugs when working with multiple takes.
* Fix: Paste (CTRL-V) now pastes at the current mouse location, quantized to the grid (if any).
* Fix: Big performance improvement with low zoom levels.


sophisticated event routing and manipulation

powerful MIDI editing environment

interactive algorithmic composition tools

unified MIDI controllers+VST automation

multicore audio engine

easy audio recording

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