Cockos - REAPER v2.0 beta

cockos reaper 2

Here is the beta of REAPER 2.0. This beta has a ton of new stuff, the highlights of which are listed below. For a full list view the changelog in the about box.

* New default them by WhiteTie, old theme is available as "Classic"
* Extensions to advanced themeing
* Drawing improvements (fixed occasional display issues on track panels etc)
* More colorthemeable things (MIDI editor, docker, can be set independently, more fonts themeable)
* Mixer: Optional FX/send views on the track.
* Screensets: focus tracking, more mixer state saved in screensets, other bugfixes
* Automation: new option to allow easy adding of tons of new automation (prefs/editing/"Automatically add/arm envelopes when tweaking parameters in write modes")
* Editing: a bunch of editing fixes, improvements to automation moving with items
* Multichannel master track (primarily for doing advanced sidechains etc on the master)
* FX: renaming of effect instances, comment window improvements
* JS: new functionality including PDC, as well as position reporting to effects

The REAPER 2.x series will get a lot of additions over the next year or so, but this is getting it off to a good start.

Registered REAPER 1.x users get a free upgrade to 2.x, and until we launch 2.0 on the main web site, you can still buy 1.x licenses for the current price (as there will be a price increase for REAPER 2.x). So, if you want to get a license at the current prices, you have about a week.

Read about the latest Reaper 1.