Humanoid Sound Systems - Scanned Synth v1.1.1


Scanned Synth Pro V1.1.1 is now available to all new and previously registered users of SSP. This includes an additional 55 waveforms that can be used for the Hammer Shape, Mass Shape and Centre Wave parameters. This massively increases the number of timbres that can be produced (55 x 55 x 55 times!). There is also an added random drift modulator. This update is not available in Scanned Synth Mini.

Scanned Synth Pro
Scanned Synth Pro interface

Scanned Synth Pro for Microsoft Windows is now available for purchase!

Scanned Synth uses a unique new form of synthesis inspired by advances in digital music theory. It is designed to create rich complex digital tones and fantastic sound effects, while using simplifed controls and traditional synths techniques such as filters, lfo's and effects.

Perfect for biting metallic growls, movement filled pads, and weird modular-like sound effects, ScannedSynth Pro provides a unique sound that is constantly changing and new every time you press a key. Featuring a revolutionary synthesis engine, combining the powers of both Physical Modelling and Wavetable synthesis, with simplified controls and full MIDI automation, ScannedSynth Pro is both simple and complex, powerful and easy to use.
If you've heard enough of the same boring static sounds, if you've tired of the same old methods of synthesis, if don't want to sound like everybody else– then download ScannedSynth Pro – a step beyond the clones.
Why buy Scanned Synth Pro (and not just use Scanned Synth Mini)?

When you buy the full version of Scanned Synth Pro you get a revolutionary, fun and inspiring piece of professional quality software along with a huge range of preset sounds (208 of them at time of writing) that you can use immediately in your own productions. You also get immediate access to all new releases as well as technical support through the Humanoid Sound Systems web site (

What you get in Scanned Synth Pro that you don’t get in Scanned Synth Mini:

* A geometrical increase in the number of sonic textures that can be produced. Scanned Synth Pro also has a much wider variety of waveforms on which its sounds can be based than Mini (58 of them as opposed to 3 in Mini). The fact that these waveforms can be applied to the Hammer Shape, Mass Shape and Centre Wave parameters means that the range of sonic textures that can be produced using Pro is increased by 55 x 55 x 55 = 166375 times, and that’s before you start playing with all of the other 97 synthesis parameters!
* Pro gives full access to all 124 plugin parameters as opposed to Mini that only gives access to the randomisation parameters.
* 208 preset sounds as opposed to only 15 in Mini.
* An additional LFO type called "Random" that allows parameters to be modulated randomly to create unpredictable results.
* Support for processors with SSE and SSE2 instruction sets giving a performance improvement of between 33% and 50% over Scanned Synth Mini!
* Pro is continually updated whereas there are no plans to add any more features or improvements to Mini.

Scanned Synth package

Scanned Synth Pro is a commercial product and is available for 90 Euros (excluding VAT). We plan to produce a Mac version of Scanned Synth Pro soon.