Michael Kingston Productions - RetroBand / RetroBandLite v1.5.7 (Pc/Pro/Mac/Universal/Free)


Version 1.5.7, 19-sep-2007
1. Major DSP optimisations. RetroBand now uses roughly 2/3 of the CPU compared to previous versions on Windows.
2. File size of the plugin halved on Windows.
3. Major memory usage optimisations with the GUI on Windows and OSX.
4. Fixed incompatibility with VST-to-AU adapter with recent OSX Tiger versions.
5. Fixed and optimised mouse and redraw functions for more recent OSX Tiger versions.

RetroBand models several aspects of the interaction between gain stages and transformers of analogue gear, referred to as intra-modulation (IM), ie. Class A/B gain stage switching distortion. It also features several forms of transient shaping in-between the stages.
Throw a spanner in the perfect digital engine

As opposed to sterile but perfect digital sound, IM is a distortion that can sound good. It happens especially in less than ideal analogue class A/B gain staging, which means it's present in a plenty of vintage gear. Read more about RetroBand here.

Price: 39 euro