Mixosaurus - Expert Virtual Drums

- 14-piece acoustic drumkit (played with sticks), 20 available mic tracks
- recorded at Teldexstudio Berlin, Germany
- comes pre-installed on its own plug & play hardware unit
- unprecedented number of available articulations
- 100% authentic reproduction of drumset dynamics, the best you've ever heard in software

- 7 (!) alternating samples available for each and every sound throughout the entire library
- more than 80.000 stereo (!) samples, all true 24Bit through the entire production process - no reduction, nowhere!
- signals pre-processed using the world's best analog and tube gear
- 3 (!) completely different overhead mic setups and 2 different Hi Hat mic setups (!) to choose from
- stereo PZM tracks massively compressed by tube gear
- stereo Teldex Reverb Chamber tracks - dial in REAL, Hi End reverb with one fader movement
- all single hit samples, allowing you to play your own, great sounding rolls, flams, crescendos, even cymbal swells
- unique combination of controls manipulating the drummer's interpretation of incoming MIDI
- unique set of envelope, filter and distortion controls for each drum/cymbal
- many useful (!) grooves and fills onboard

MIXOSAURUS comes as a customized version of Native Instruments' » Kontakt Player 2 software. Its extensive use of scripting functionality allows you to apply changes or effects at virtually any point in the signal flow - if you want to. If not, you turn off all that jazz with a single click and have the GUI cleared.

Price: €690