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Introducing Keymap 1.5. Sampling redefined.

Keymap is, simply said, the most advanced sampled instruments editor available, anywhere. We have extended the new version 1.5 with a large number of features designed to offer you the best sampling environment, with an accent to usability, and no compromises. The rich palette of tools and functions available unleash your creativity, letting you create your own personal sounds in fractions of the time normally required. And now you can do this without ever leaving the Logic 8 application.

Logic Pro 8 integration
The new integration with Logic Pro 8/Studio means that you can send your EXS instruments directly from Logic to Keymap, edit them using the vast arsenal of Keymap tools, and then send them back to your song at the touch of a button.
You can do this for multiple instruments, as Keymap will keep track of the instruments for you in a new Organizer window.

Innovating the sampling paradigm.

Looking back at sampling history, you can clearly see how the sampled instrument creation and edit process has not substantially changed over the past 30 years. Since we started working on Keymap we have gone back to the roots of what sampling is, analyzed each step that was taken for granted, and brought innovation to that step. The result of this work is an editor that puts in you in control of what you want to do, and actually works for you, not against you, in reaching the goal of the sound you are trying to define. Unique integrated features as Harmonic Resynthesis, Spatialization Mixer, AutoMapping with Pitch Detection, AutoSplit, AutoLooping, completely realtime and non-destructive environment, Multi Channel audio support, already made Keymap the only modern application for editing your instruments. Keymap 1.5 brings another round of innovations with features as Spectral Tuner, Smart Switches, Zoom Freeze, Sort and Pivot remapping, Batch Instruments Creator, and extended drag and drop facilities.

Build your own sound

From the raw samples to the final instrument, Keymap gives you the extensive set of tools you need to sculpt your own sound. Want to stop the decaying volume on your samples? Select and apply the Freeze Decay in one single operation. And that’s just one of the incredible features of Keymap.

Edit it. Loop it. Play it.

The exclusive AutoLooping functions in Keymap do work for real, and are designed to handle the whole range of audio material from the simplest waveform to the most complex full stereo mix you can throw at them. Once your loop is defined, you can apply non destructive loop crossfades, slice the loop at transients, remix your loop in uniquely inspiring ways, and use new multiple rhythmic variations as the basis of your next song.

Share results with the other samplers.

Everything you do in Keymap is realtime and non-destructive. When you are satisfied of your sounds, you just export them as industry standard AIFF or WAV sample files, which you can then use in any audio application. Each new sample created by Keymap contains both Mapping and Looping data in order to enable the fastest imports in supporting 3rd party audio applications. The EXS24 instrument format is the most supported in the industry and allows you to use Keymap with Kontakt, Structure, MachFive2, Halion and many others.
Watch Keymap in action 

Listen to your edits in realtime

Thanks to the expanded MIDI functionality in Keymap 1.5, you can now play MIDI tracks in realtime from your sequencer to Keymap, and hear changes to your track as you edit your instrument from the multitude of supplied editors.

Demo available starting September 19th.

Download the Keymap 1.5 demo version, available starting on September 19th, and watch the online videos, as we add them, to kickstart a great Keymap experience.
Download the Keymap manuals

EXS24, EXS24 Monolithic, GarageBand, Ultrabeat

Keymap 1.5 supports the EXS24 format, and adds support for opening, saving and converting 3 more instrument formats: GarageBand instruments, Ultrabeat samples (.ubs) and EXS24 Monolithic (one single .exs file for both the instrument and its samples).

Free update for all the Keymap users

Don’t you like surprises? Keymap 1.5 is a free update for all the Keymap users and will be shipped automatically starting September 19th. Additionally, all orders for Keymap or Compendium received starting today will automatically receive version 1.5 free of charge too when it will become available.

Keymap is a powerful application for creating and editing for sampled instruments, from loop collections to acoustic instruments to special effects.

Keymap makes it easy to create and edit sampled instruments on your computer. With the Keymap tools and functions you can easily convert your samples in great sounding sampled instruments. Import your EXS24 instruments, loop your samples, use Harmonic Resynthesis to reshape sounds and use a variety of mapping tools for getting to the result very quickly, without leaving the Keymap environment.

When you are ready to use your instruments in your music, you can export them as industry-standard Logic/Logic Express EXS24 instrument files and samples. Each sample file created by Keymap always contains full mapping details so that it can be imported in any sampler application.

• Integrates with Logic Pro 8/Studio for seamless editing

• Virtual MIDI In and MIDI Thru

• Integrated Audio/MIDI SmartSwitch patchbay for integration with your sequencer


•Load/Save EXS24, EXS24-Monolithic, GarageBand, Ultrabeat-sample (.ubs) formats

• Batch Instruments Creator

• Spectral Tuner
• Hybrid virtual memory audio engine supports directly WAVE, AIFF, MP3 and AAC
• Multichannel sample support (>2 channels)

• Integrated sample editor with extensive manual and automatic mapping/remapping features

• Autolooping

• Autosplit and Automap using pitch detection
• Harmonic resynthesis with control over pitch, formant, time and amp

• Polyphonation

• Dynamic velocity remapping

• Quadrasmooth

• Surround and spatialization mixer supporting 2.0 4.0 and 5.0

• Integrated Tuning Fork

• Tune and pitch functions

• Drag and drop

• Everything is real-time and non-destructive

• Independent application, doesn’t require Logic to run at the same time

Price: EUR 195.00