Sensomusic - Usine v3.20 beta 2 (Pc/Pro/Free)

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New Asio engine solves many sound card compatibility problems.
New intern memory allocation, more efficient, compact and faster.
New Shift Array module.
New precision option in user curves (sequencer)
New SDK, improves the User Modules development features

fixed bugs
Compatibility problems with Ohmforce plugins.
The “Clear List” button in the sampler, sometime crashes Usine.
The Knob module is now stored in the conductor.
Grain module initialization problem.
Small display bug in with EnergyXT2 plugin.

Compatibility notes
Some User Modules (Draw Trajectory and Display Number) aren’t compatible any more; But new versions are now included in the Usine package (User section of the Modules Browser)

Fixed bugs
the caption is not displayed in the Knob module

Usine is a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilisation. Usine is made by musicians and audio engineers to respond to their specific problems in a lot of domains like live sampling, effect processing or sound design. Usine is a real musical instrument, flexible and powerful if you like to transform, resample the sound on stage (not only push the play button of your sequencer!), improvise and create unusual effect. Read more about Usine here.