Sensomusic - Usine v3.22 beta 2

sensomusic usine

New version (3.22 beta2) Update

[3.22beata2] 07/09/20

Quick Start Manual Updated! thanks to Vincent

-new Midi engine more efficient
-pre-listen mode works when the audio engine is off

fixed bugs
-when resize the interface builder, the position of controls changes
-in mode sequencer/bar, the position of midi patches depends on the tempo, now stays fixed.
-some markers aren't displayed with big zoom
-gain fader in grain sampler
-when the track is muted, if you change the grid line You can hear a click
-sometime the solo switch is deactivated when we load a new patch on the grid
-the selected midi virtual inputs number is not always memorized

Usine is an patch oriented sound software where you can add plug-ins and connect them without restriction. The main purpose of this program is to provide a real time analysis of an input signal and then react with, and modify plug-in parameters to produce the sound. Read more.