Sion Software - QuickAudio v2.0 (Pc/Free)

Sion Software - QuickAudio v2.0

QuickAudio lets you edit, play and record digital audio as well as convert between various popular audio formats. It has standard audio editing features, multiple undo, audio spectrum analysis as well as support for up to 24 VST plugins. Zoom out to edit your whole waveform at once or zoom in to edit individual samples. Cut and paste between as many files as you like.

Formats supported include:

* Wave
* MP3
* Ogg Vorbis

Editing operations include:

* Cut, Copy and Paste
* Change sample rate, bits per sample and channels
* Insert Space
* Amplify
* Silence
* Fade In
* Fade Out
* Normalize
* Compress
* Reverb
* Filters - Lift/Attenuate Musical Presence, Vocal Presence, Bass, Midrange, Treble
* Remove Noise
* Change Duration (without changing pitch)
* Change Pitch (without changing duration)
* Add up to 24 VST plugins for your own custom editing