Steinberg WaveLab Essential 6 - Personal Audio Editing System

Steinberg WaveLab Essential 6

WaveLab Essential 6 offers a high-value suite of audio editing tools tailored to the needs of musicians, smaller recording environments and podcast authors. Introducing a new level of functionality at a very low price point, the completely redesigned WaveLab Essential 6 provides a full complement of streamlined editing and CD/DVD burning capabilities. The integrated podcast tools combine professional editing, restoration and mastering capabilities with full internet audio publishing features, creating a unique one-stop application for recording, editing, CD burning right through to online publication via podcast. WaveLab Essential 6 is also an ideal extension to both Sequel and Cubase.

* Podcast creation and publishing
* Redbook compatible CD burning with CD-Text
* Stereo non-destructive editing with versatile clip grouping over multiple lanes
* Powerful real-time engine with integration of clip-based and global effect plug-ins
* Superior audio processors
* Video track for sample accurate alignment of audio and video
* Sample accurate audio editor with crystal clear audio processing at up to 96 kHz and 32 bit floating point resolution

Price: €99.00