Sugar Bytes - Artillery v2.0.2

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Improvements in Version 2.0.2:
total recall bug fixed
many fixes for automation
multiple fx of the same type now identified in zones
hanging notes fixed
repaired volume adjust for loop effects
"reset all cc assignments" button in aboutscreen
aftertouch now included in midi learn
assigned midi cc is displayed in rightclick menu
lfo pulse is a real square now

The Features:
200 Presets
28 Innovative High Quality Effects
FX Activation via Midi in Toggle und Gate mode
Realtime Key Quantisation
Universal Modulator per Parameter
Dry/Wet Envelope per effect
Full Integration of Midi and Host Automation

- MAC PPC, Intel: VST / AU

Price: 149,- Euro

Update from Artillery: 49,- Euro

Update from Sugar Bundle: free

The Artillery Effect Keyboard comes with 28 innovative effects and incredible possibilities.
The concept is simple but effective: Effects are assigned to keyzones and triggered with MIDI notes.
That way you can perform incredible Effect sequences, or put effects in certain places, live or in studio.

Use Artillery to remix tracks or live signals on stage, in your VST/AU compatible DJ software or in your studio setup.

The modulation possibilities are endless,
your can turn an EQ into a multiband comp with a set of envelope followers, let a looper scratch its buffer using a stepseq, play pitched delaytimes on the keyboard, let ringmodulator´s pitches jam along the transients of your audio signals, even a vocoder with internal synth is included!