4Front Technologies - TruePianos v1.0.2

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TruePianos 1.0.2 for Windows and Mac OS X released

New release features:

  • New TruePianos Sapphire Module
  • RTAS and VST support for Mac OS X
  • MIDI CC support to control sliders (CC22-26, CC74)
  • New trial version with a fresh expiration period

TruePianos VSTi was designed with exactly this in mind giving the inspiration an instant GO as soon as you touch the keyboard.
Following our tradition, we have optimized the instruments for a real-time performance. The CPU usage is low even for 96khz host sampling rates, and for advanced polyphony we support dual-core CPUs, spreading the load symmetrically.
TruePianos has multiple modules and offers an intuitive control to match your playing style.

Price: 180 dollar

"When the instrument blends transparently with the musician's hands, reality becomes music." Via