Big Fish Audio - Syntron-X

Price: $69.95

"The synthesizer became readily available to musicians in the 80s and its new affordability gave birth to a musical genre. Musicians wanting to push the envelope of conventional sound formed groups that prominently (and sometimes exclusively) featured the 'new wave' of synthetic sound. Echoing the technological transformation of the times, these songs often sounded very stark, cold and electronic, but with underlying pop sensibilities and a strong beat. Fast forward 20 years later to the mid-2000s where today's cutting edge artists find themselves experiencing the effects of technological isolationism. Combined with the software industry's efforts to re-create the sounds of the early 80's synthesizer via virtually-modeled computer instruments, artists once again find themselves embracing the future and creating a 'neo wave' of synthetic sounds that harkens back to the early 80's and incorporates contemporary pop stylings. Veteran music producer Matt Buschbacher has lived through both musical eras and has compiled for you a collection of neo-80's synthetic construction kits, drum loops, vocals and more! This DVD-ROM is packed with the genre defining sounds as well as neo-wave virtual synthesis to deliver you a cold, hard synthetic soundscape powered by a relentless driving beat."