Cakewalk SONAR 7.0.1 Maintenance Release

SONAR 7.0.1 Maintenance Release

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 7 Producer Edition
  • SONAR 7 Studio Edition .

Notable Fixes:

  • Main Application
    • Various performance / stability issues
    • In a project with tempo changes, splitting a clip sometimes caused the first part of the clip to be deleted
    • Drag editing note velocities in one clip in the PRV sometimes affected velocities in other clips in the same view
    • Copying bus envelopes did not work correctly
    • Clip Effects icon was not functional
    • When Auto-Punch recording inside loop markers, recording would start at the beginning of the loop instead of the Auto-Punch start
    • MIDI Activity Indicator would sometimes remain in the Windows System Toolbar if the application crashed
    • Hyphenation in the Lyrics View was not functional
    • Importing track templates now correctly creates mono synth outputs
    • Changing audio buffer size with an external insert in a project could freeze the audio engine, requiring a restart
    • Bus solo was not always working correctly when the source contained a mix of aux sends
    • Bus waveform preview would sometimes freeze on a system with ASIO4ALL drivers.
    • When setting the EQ to post-FX, inserting a plug-in into an empty FX bin would sometimes crash SONAR.
    • Gluing MIDI controller events sometimes resulted in a crash.
    • Pre-SONAR 7 projects that use a Sonitus:fx Compressor or Gate as a clip effect would sometimes not playback in SONAR 7.
    • When recording Track Pan at the end of a project, SONAR would sometimes crash.
    • MIDI scrub tool and MIDI bounce now recognizes muted clips and events.
    • Sometimes SONAR would yield stuck notes when using the MIDI scrub tool
    • First few seconds of envelopes sometimes ignored by Fast Bounce in projects implementing delay compensation.
    • When bouncing MIDI clips, clip mute, layer mute and event mute states were sometimes ignored.
  • Step Sequencer
    • Various performance / stability issues
    • Step Sequencer does not automatically scroll when adding notes at the end of the screen
    • Rows can not be copy/pasted
    • Undo now restores steps correctly when in mono mode
    • Performance improvements when undoing a series of velocity adjustments made with the mouse wheel
    • Step indicator lights sometimes got out of sync when using Fit to Quarters
    • Controller event drawing was not undoable
    • When Lock Data is applied to a Step Sequencer clip, velocity values could still be modified
    • Delete Row button sometimes disappeared
  • Plug-ins and Components
    • New Radius Library from iZotope to improve compatibility on a 64-bit timeline
    • Dimension LE DXi x64 should be included
    • Dimension LE did not appear in plug-in menus under Standard User accounts on Windows XP
    • PCR-30, PCR-300 and ACT Control Surface plug-ins now have an improved Match mode
    • Updated Perfect Space from Voxengo to support computers with > 2GB RAM
    • Updated LP-64 plug-ins to address clicking during automation
    • New sidechainable Sonitus:fx Compressor and Gate plug-ins did not installer over these plug-ins that shipped with SONAR 6.2.1 and SONAR 5 Producer Edition.

—Already feature packed, SONAR 7 Producer Edition tips the scales with: integrated Step Sequencer view; Smart MIDI Tools; dozens of MIDI workflow and editing enhancements; Roland® V-Vocal™ 1.5 editor enhanced with pitch to MIDI conversion; new instruments: Z3TA+ 1.5, Dimension LE with Garritan Pocket Orchestra, Rapture LE, & DropZone providing over 1000 new sounds; LP-64 EQ and LP-64 Multiband linear phase mastering VSTs; Boost 11 Peak Limiter; internal sidechaining for SONAR’s dynamics processors & multi-input capable VSTs; mix with external hardware and instruments with automatic delay compensation; Dim Solo Mode; shortcuts for audio I/O & bus assignments; integrated audio CD ripping & burning; and Cakewalk Publisher 2.0 for uploading and presenting music online— Read more about Sonar 7 here. See a video clip here.

"After installing the 7.0.1 Maintenance Release, please see the ReadMe file for more information. This download includes the English, French, German and Spanish updates for all supported operating systems. Please note you must have SONAR 7.0 installed in order to run this update. In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR 7 customer." Via