ddmf - IIEQ Pro v1.1


  • Individual bypasses for each band
  • The display can be switched off
  • It is possible to zoom into the dB axis on the display

ddmf: "Here at ddmf, you can decide for yourself how much you want to pay! Yes, that's right! It's that simple: click on one of the buttons, and you will be able to specify the amount you want to pay. All you need is a Paypal account; if you don't have one already, you will be able to create one during payment. Once I have received notice of your payment, you will receive a link to the full version of the plugin you have bought (this can take a few hours). Please note that Paypal takes away at least 35 eurocents (about 50 US cents at the moment), so unfortunately I cannot accept payments lower than that."

"The IIEQ Pro was designed to deliver superior sonic quality while maintaining a low CPU consumption. Hence, it is the ultimate track EQ which can be inserted into your project many times without having to worry about audio dropouts or stuttering. The free version of the IIEQ has already become the secret weapon of many audio engineers all around the world; now the IIEQ Pro is taking the concept one step further. With 10 fully parametric bands and 12 filter types per band, the IIEQ Pro is the only tracking EQ you'll ever need. The filters can be used in series or in parallel configuration, giving you even more possibilities to play with." Via