Eiosis - ELS Vocoder v1.5

els vocoder

The version 1.5 of the ELS Vocoder brings the SideChain feature which allows using an external input as the carrier signal instead of the internal oscillator.

This feature makes the ELS Vocoder the most powerful and easy to use vocoder plugin on the market, with up to 3 stereo inputs available, without the need of complex routing manipulations or multichannel busses.
It is also useful for Logic Express users who will be able to use all the features of the ELS Vocoder without MIDI or audio input limitations.

ELS Vocoder : powerful and simple to use

The ELS Vocoder® faithfully reproduces the analog vocoder sounds that have been used by many artists in the electronic music history.
It also includes a wide range of rare and new features, which makes it unique, powerfull and simple to use.

Analog vocoder sound
The ELS vocoder uses the same filtering techniques that a real analog vocoder, which allows to get the same sound, the same precision and the same clarity than with "vintage" vocoders.
Its oscillators also use a synthesis technique which produces a sound with the same harmonic richness than real analog oscillators. Thanks to the ELS Vocoder oscillators, the vocoded sounds are clear and "organic" : you can almost feel the warmth that you could get with a real analog vocoder, with the same bass punch and highs precision. Read more.

Price: $279