Garritan Personal Orchestra Reason Refill

Garritan is pleased to announce that a special refill version of the Garritan Personal Orchestra instrument library is now available available fo Propellerhead Reason. The library is a Reason Refill sample based instrument library for all versions of Propellerhead's Reason, including the new Reason 4.0.

The Garritan Personal Orchestra Refill is a lighter version of Garritan's flagship product that takes special advantage of the capabilities of Reason and integrates seamlessly with Propellerhead's NN-XT sample player. The Garritan Personal Orchestra Refill features high-quality orchestral instruments and is easy-to-use.

Reason is an all-in-one virtual studio with all the tools and instruments needed create music from beginning to end. It's a complete music system and refills provide complete instruments for the Reason music creation system. Reason 3 introduced the innovative Combinator which provides the ability to layer Reason instruments and effects in a semi-modular fashion, while also providing an unprecedented amount of real-time performance control. The Combinator is ideal for Personal Orchestra's unique approach to ensemble building whereby you can create orchestrations of any size - from small chamber groups to large symphony orchestras.

Whether you would like to reproduce classical compositions, to write grand movie scores, or to create different styles of with pop, rock, and electronic music; Garritan Personal Orchestra ReFill for Reason can give you the sounds you need to fulfill you musical imagination.

Price: $79.95 

"The GPO-Light Refill version of the Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO) integrates seamlessly with Propellerhead's existing sample player NN-XT. GPO features high-quality orchestral instruments and is easy-to-use. GPO is one of the highest quality collections of orchestral libraries ever sampled and it includes all the major instruments of the orchestra - strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Garritan Personal Orchestra has won more awards than any other orchestral library as well as accolades from celebrity musicians and music press alike. The product has been used worldwide in a variety of applications including film/TV soundtracks, audio CD production, video games, live concerts, ballet and multimedia applications. In addition, hundreds of schools and universities have chosen Garritan Personal Orchestra for use with their music curriculums." Via