Image Line - Morphine v1.3

(public beta 1)
- new fonts
- fixed level spike when releasing notes in FL version
- fixed problem recording automation in FL version

Features :


High quality sound engine optimized for low CPU usage and fast amplitude and frequency modulation response.


4 independent ”Generators“ per voice


Keyboard layering with 128 unique Keyboard Zones.


Unlimited number of harmonic ”snapshots“ (breakpoints) per spectrum.


Amplitude, Detune, Panning control for all harmonics.


Filtering and Velocity response for each Generator source.


Highly CPU optimized, accurate Resynthesis allowing emulation of audio samples with high precision.


Manual override options for the resynthesis process to achieve most accurate emulations.


Ability to import waveshapes from audio file.


Variable-time control for spectra, mix/morph envelopes (can also be linked to key number, velocity or any other controller).


4 PWM Filters (spectral emulation of comb filtering, unison or pulse-width)


Additional generator that allows any Noise Sample audio file to be mixed with the synthesized sound, complete with filtering.


Morphing path, morphs harmonics in real-time, controlled internally or from external modulation source/s.


Morphing Square, mixes the 4 Generator sources with a single convenient interface.


4 multipoint (EG) envelopes can be routed to many internal Morphine controls


1 to 32 note polyphony, user selectable.


ADSR master envelope


Velocity response is adjustable.


Up to 5 built-in simultaneous effects: Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Equalizer, Distortion.


Attractive, user friendly interface, developed through 1000’s of man-hours testing and development.

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Price: 159 dollar.

"Ever wanted to synthesize a sound but found it was impossible? With Morphine, no sound is too painful to recreate. Morphine is a powerful Additive Synthesizer with a logical, flexible architecture that allows you to create any sound. You can do this directly by adjusting harmonics manually or by taking any input sample and resynthesizing it into one of 4 independent voices." Via