loopmasters - Minimal House Samplepack - 230Mb

Loopmasters Proudly present the Minimal House Samplepack!

If you need the latest Minimal House samples and sounds for your music this pack is full of all the material you will need for sublime Minimal House remixes and productions.

Minimal House strips house music down to a more minimal and sparse aesthetic, in the same vein as tech house. However, unlike tech-house minimal house slowly developed out of the minimal techno and glitch genres, producing a more complex and detailed sound.

Minimal House is somewhat obscure when compared to other genres of house and techno, but several cities including Cologne, Paris, the Bay Area, Detroit, and Chicago now have budding scenes, and with the minimal techno boom of the mid-00s, is now gaining great popularity in German, Canadian, italian and Spanish clubs. On top of this, several tracks have become major club hits recently, and the minmal scene is spreading fast throughout the big clubs and bars worldwide.

The Minimal House download pack from Loopmasters features a solid collection of 30 minimal house basslines, 60 Brand new Drumloops, 30 Glitching Musicloops, 9 Effect Loops, over 140 Drum samples, and 14 Effect hits!

Minimal House is made up of 284 Acidised Wav samples, 128 Rex2 Loops and 5 patches of Drum hits and Fx for Reason NNXt, Halion, Kontakt, SFZ and EXS24 Samplers. It can also be used easily with Stylus RmX and nearly all other music software packages. If you produce Minimal House or just need some modern edgy sounds for your productions - minimal house from Loopmasters is the one for you!

Tech Specs: 230Mb Download featuring 284 Minimal House Samples, 128 Rex2 Loops, and 5 patches for Reason NNXt, Halion, kontakt, EXS and SFZ.

Price: £14.95

"As usual with all Loopmasters Cds and download packs, all material contained within this release is royalty free to use in your music." Via


  1. Anonymous23:28

    How can i download thos samples?

  2. Well, if you go to "loopmasters" site via the "via" link, and pay them, then you can donwload them there. You can download and listen to some demo loops for free though.

  3. Anonymous18:14

    Well then that's pretty deceptive of you, isn't it? Because the way you presented it, it looks like the sample pack itself is 230MB, which apparently is not the case. You really should be more honest, esp. if you're going to run a blog where you're advertising others' goods.

  4. What are you talking about?
    The downloadable sample pack is 230MB, at least what Loopmasters said. Look at their page and see for yourself.
    I haven't download it myself though, so I can not check if that's correct.

  5. Did you really think that I have those samples for download on my site?
    Of course not. That's a commercial package that you have to pay for.

  6. I had this samples pack before but i lost them, do you no if loopmasters have still got these samples to buy???


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