Magix launches Samplitude 10 and Sequoia 10

Here's an excerpt from the new version's top feature list:

  • Advanced track and object automation / master automation
  • Advanced new mastering effects
  • New Cleaning & Restoration Suite for Samplitude 10 Master
  • Universal High Quality Timestretching & Pitchshifting
  • Overview mode representing all objects of your project
  • New range handling
  • Analog Modelling Suite: am-munition
  • Side chain routing
  • Audio quantization with transient detection
  • Sampler workstation "Independence LE"
  • Video capturing (Sequoia)
You can read more about Samplitude and Sequoia here.


"The new versions Sequoia 10 and Samplitude 10 will be available shortly. At the moment we are about to tie up the software bundle and give it the final polish." Via