MHC Extreme VST and Audio Unit plugin for Windows and Mac OS X

Now available for Mac OS X (Audio Unit) and Windows (VST).

Extreme uses samples/waveforms as the oscillator source. In addition, there's an ensemble section which can multiply the oscillator source into 6 different oscillators, which gives Extreme a very thick and punchy sound.
The waveforms/samples can be categorized as distorted, big, punchy, noisy and wicked, appealing to musicians who need a unique tool which sounds different compared with the average software synthesizers on the market.
Extreme features one resonant lowpass filter per voice. And there's a traditional amplitude envelope as well. And pitch modulation (LFO). There's a stereo delay (one for the left and one for the right stereo channel). In addition, Extreme includes an ensemble unit which multiplies the oscillator into six oscillators which can be detuned (the amount control) and mixed with the original voice. Read more.

Price: 139 dollar.


"Extreme belongs to our range of hybrid synthesizers. Have you been looking for a synth which sounds different? Then look no more. Extreme supplies a range of sounds which are everything else than common. Extreme includes 256 presets, but it uses our soundpack technology so you may add soundpacks. Three optional soundacks are available for Extreme giving you a total of 1024 presets to explore." Via