MidiKarval - MidiMaster

Once connected in your host between the Midi In and a multitimbral VSTi or some VSTi set to different receiving midi channels, you can:

  • split your keyboard in two zones at a user definable point;

  • set for each zone: the transmitting channel, the Program Change message to be sent on this channel, the transpose (+/- 36 semitones, i.e. +/- 3 octaves) and the volume level;

  • save and load up to 10 of these settings and pass from one to another on the fly (useful in a live performance);

  • assign, in your host, all the knobs, sliders and the switch to CC messages, so that you can move them from your "real" masterkeyboard (if any);

  • switch off the split and use all the above-mentioned features on all the extension of your keyboard (the "right" section will become the "main" one.

Price: 10 euro

"MidiMaster is a virtual masterkeyboard." Via