- JellyFilter v2.1 (Pc/Free)

18 October 2007: JellyFilter v2.1 available

One problem was solved in which notes could virtually (but not audible) get stuck and thus cause CPU to waste precious power. The User manual was updated with a troubleshooting section.
Work on porting JellyFilter to Mac OS.

Technical details:

Polyphony / Timbrality:

4 voices per channel, 16 channels.


2 Oscillators with Controllable Unisono per Osc: Saw, Sine, Square, Pulse with PWM, Noise


24dB LowPass and Bandpass with resonance, Highpass, envelope amount and cutoff, possibility for self-resonance (protect your ears)


ADSR for the Amplifier section, ADSR for the Filter section.


Portamento, Distortion, FM OSC 2-> OSC 1, Sync Osc 1 to Osc 2


Attack Decay Envelope: Either to FM amount or to OSC 2

LFO: to OSC 1+2, to OSC 2, to Filter, to PW


"Do you need good lead lines in your production? A synthesizer, biting hard or teasing soft? A synthesizer, flexible to bend to any kind of synth sound? JellyFilter is the solution. JellyFilter was copied from a red Swedish lead synth idol (which is available in 3 versions to my knowledge) and implies some more functionality, at some point less functionality." Via