Pettinhouse launches DirectGuitar 2.0

DirectGuitar 2.0

New articulations:
- Slap, Palm Muted, strum, Metal and more.
Round Robin: Up/Down strokes
Key switching:
- Slide Up/Down
- Blues, Jazz, Rock Licks
- Trill
- Harmonics
- Chords
- Strum noises
New release noises
Pick noises
Hand noises

9 Gb recorded at 24 bit 96 Khz directly to the sound card without any amplifiers and efx.

Combined with amp simulators it allows users to create an infinite number of guitar sounds.

12 articulations, 5 pickup selector positions plus another jazz selector were sampled for covering the entire range of guitar style.

Each selector is 1,5 Gb and includes 5 layers and noises.  

All the samples were recorded taking care to capture the entire sustain and natural decay for unmatched realism.

It is the perfect complement for studios and live performances. 

The price will probably be 99 dollar or more when released. 

"DirectGuitar is an innovative sample library for NI Kontakt 2, EXS24 and GS 2-3 that includes all the guitar pickup positions." Via